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Meggan F.

I am an avid runner/racer and a certified running coach. I run and race with a full-time job and a daughter (born 10/15/10). My blog is about postpartum running and racing, and the challenges that come with having a small child, working full-time, and having to fit that workout in everyday. My goal is to run 1:17 for the half marathon and sub 2:40 for the marathon (my personal best is 2:49). I...
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I'm going to be 42 this year. I am a single mom of a 16 yr old daughter. I'm an IT professional and also a student hoping to graduate in May 2013. I lost 140lbs over the past 2 years or so. I like to jog and run in races. I've recently made the leap from 3.2 miles at a time to about 6 - 7 miles at a time. I love the long distance running. I plan on doing the mini marathon next May in...
Goals: Lose weight

Kelownagurl Patient Expert

United States
In 2008, I documented my journey to become a triathlete. A couch potato most of my life, I began cycling as a means to weight loss in 2006 and over that year, fell in love with biking, and lost 20 lbs. As my fitness level increased, I began to wonder if I could run, and in 2007, I had run my first 5K in 26:16! Last January, I returned to the pool after a 35 years hiatus, took some lessons, and...


North Carolina
I am an avid runner and budding triathlete. I was bitten by the triathlon bug after a running injury forced me to turn to cycling. I quickly fell in love with cycling and thought it would be a good idea to start swimming again too.....and while I was at it, why not do a triathlon? So far, I have completed 2 sprint triathlons, a biathlon, and numerous running races including a half marathon. I...
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Maria F.

Menlo Park, California
Maria Fregoso, Registered Dietitian and exercise enthusiast, specializes in nutrition and weight loss management. Similar to meeting with a personal trainer on a weekly basis, Maria will coach you on your day-to-day food choices and create a personal meal plan specifically designed to burn fat and lose weight. Maria has a Bachelors degree in Dietetics & Nutrition from San Francisco State...
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Marisa C.

United States
The Athlete:� Marisa is an elite level triathlete and enjoys racing in long and short course triathlons, long-distance cycling, and running races (5K to marathon distance). Additionally, she is a USA Triathlon All-American and 2X Ironman Finisher.   The Educator: �Marisa is a certified USA Triathlon coach and...
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Fruitland, Idaho
I've been a Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant since 2003, beginning in British Columbia, Canada; receiving my Nutrition Certificates & Diploma from the Alive Academy of Natural Health in Burnaby BC, where, at the time, I was employed as the Student Services Coordinator. Also during that year I studied and received my certificate in Core Coaching Essentials from Coach U.Wanting to be...

Katrine S.

Jacksonville, Florida
I'm a newlywed living in Jacksonville, Florida working in public relations/social media. My passion is triathlon (swim, bike, run) racing. I love to cook healthy so I can fuel my body with the right things and train and race at my full potential! This year I qualified for the Boston Marathon and will compete in April. I hope to one day complete a full Ironman triathlon. I love encouraging...

Sara T. Facebook

Here is my journey of me running races and trying to gain muscle and lose fat. I have done a half marathon, a 15.5 mile race, and a whole marathon. Up next is a faster marathon with a better time, then a triathlon. It is definitely a roller coaster and I have been up and down with weight, but no more excuses and time to roll! I would rather live a healthy, fit life, than be miserable! Once you...

Leah V.

Nashville, Tennessee
I'm a young twenty-something, finding my way to healthy living one bite of chocolate and one long run at a time! Newly living on my own, I am working to find ways to cook and eat healthily. Recently, I discovered a love of running - and of racing. Join me on my journey, and share your journey as well, because healthy living is so much more fun with friends who support you!