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bakersfield, California
i like to workout. i go to the gym three to five times a week and i run several times a week. i love to run. i just did a half marathon in san francisco and i amtraining for my next one. i would like to try a full marathon befor the end of next year.
Communities: Exercise, Biking, Running

Jennifer F.

Oakland, California
Things I love to do, and do... run, practice harmonica, make coffee, laugh, give hugs, yoga, nap. Things I love to do, but don't... spend hours in art museums, draw, sing, hike, canoe, watch indie films, sleep in, run on the beach, become an expert of odd places, answer phone calls, cry.

Justine M.

San Francisco, California
I've been meaning to actually train and run a marathon since I ran the second half of the San Francisco Marathon to support a friend to the finish line. My training goal is to start with trail running in Marin.
Communities: Marathon, Exercise, Hiking , ...
Goals: Diet, Running


I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember. Even in Kindergarten, I remember challenging anyone who was up for it to race me in the school yard during recess and proudly styled myself “The Third Fastest Girl in School” (I did allow that my friends Jana and Wendy were faster.) Our PE teachers did a running unit every January that pretty much consisted of having us...

katie m.

San Francisco, California
Hi! My name is Katie Minor, I am 24, living in beautiful San Francisco and loving it! My passion is being healthy and helping others to be healthy. I love endurance sports and completed a half marathon, a century bike ride, a triathalon, and an endurance swim last summer. My ultimate goal is to be able to do an ironman someday (just once!). I teach group cycling and am spending my summer...
Communities: Walking, Weight loss

Heather J.

Aside from a journalist, I'm a competitive long-distance runner and bonafide "health nut." I enjoy sharing what I know about how to live a healthfully in body, mind, and spirit. Since running is one of my biggest passions, I'll be sure to pass along various tips and tricks that have helped me become a better runner, whether that pertains to training regimes, diet, rest and recovery, or...

Geri C.

I am a regular person with a regular job but have aspirations to be a great athlete ... someday...when there's no one else alive in my age group. I love bike rides on Saturday afternoons, Pinot Noir for dinner, and reading a great book before bedtime. I'm a geek about fitness, nutrition, and cycling and devour info on science-based training.

Katherine B.

San Francisco, California
I am an active Canadian happy to be back in the Bay Area!

Brawley R.

San Francisco, California

Suril P.

San Francisco, California
There is a lot one could say about me and it would be a lie to say that everything would be positive. Truth is, I could be more fit! I used to run, around 7 miles a day. I shifted over to weights and other forms of exercise. But now its time to bring back some serious cardio vascular endurance! Wish me luck, I probably will need it!