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I am Actress Anais Bertie. I was born April 2, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA. I practically grew up with movies and cameras; my father Bertie Mike worked as a stage manager, producer and director on tons of Fox television shows. When I was eight, I played so well in a school Christmas play that I caught the eye of an agent who was sitting in the audience. My parents were against me becoming...
Communities: Dance, Biking, Football , ...


Sophia Chloe was born in Bellingham. I have completed bachelor degree from University of California. Sophia Begins modeling in 2003, when she won a modeling contest for Seventeen Magazine. In the early 2005s, she became well known as a runway model for a number of big-name designers. She remains signed as a model with IMG Modeling in New York. Schooling & College Details School:...
Communities: Dance, Gardening, Happiness


I like to visit every single place around this earth, live with all those people and try something new.  I’m working as Business Development Manager in one finest courier company. Our People · Our Clients · Our Partners · Our Services is the emblem of my courier services management process. I Really Love My Job; it develops lots of problem solving skills in...


My hobbies include swimming, dancing, transports and music’s. Now I am a managing director of Transport Company because I am very much interested in riding bikes, cars and so on. Bike riding is one of the simplest ways to have amusing in a variety of settings. It is easily learned and not easily elapsed. If there is one major reason I can base our victory upon, it would have to be our...


New port, Vermont
Hi I am William Bradford. I'll describe me as being logical, amusing and mildly sarcastic. Professionally, the majority of my career to date has been spent as an auto transporter. I have been published previously on a small scale and have done a fair amount of work in the car shipping and transportation. And then I got to start up my own business at the age of 25. For now I have established my...

Lisa K.

Stanford, California

Anne P.

STANFORD, California
Hi all, I'm a disability adviser at the Office of Accessible Education. I'm interested in health promotion activities and sustainability issues. My biggest personal health change this year has been to move to an area with access to public transportation. Since giving up my car I have lost weight, reduced my stress level, saved a bunch of money and made a few new commute buddies.

Carolyn H.

PALO ALTO, California
I am the Bicycle Coordinator at Stanford. My department is Parking & Transportation Services.
Communities: Healthy Eating

Darlene M.

Dr. Darlene McCord is one of the two founders of McCord Research. As senior researcher, she brings a unique blend of scientific credentials to the position. Through her leadership, the company has achieved worldwide recognition in the OTC Drug and Medical Device categories. Her field of specialty is corneotherapy, focusing on the transport of small molecules across the stratum corneum for...


Linden, New Jersey
Last summer I returned from living in China for 2yrs, and since coming back I've gained weight, been eating junk, and not exercising. My lifestyle there included walking & bike riding every day as transportation (no car), and eating fresh foods form a market (not one pre-packaged meal in 2yrs!). I was healthier with very little effort. It's way too easy to fall into the lazy american...