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GreenThumb ..

San Mateo, California
Communities: Gardening

Green Food, Green Thumb

Tampa, Florida
Hi there! I'm Lindsay, and I blog at Green Food, Green Thumb. I blog about healthy living, fitness, weight loss, vegetarian and vegan recipes and my traveling and outdoor adventures. Cooking is my passion so I love to share healthy recipes with others. I've also overcome a lot of challenges in my life including a serious eating disorder in my teenage years, which I share the story of on my...
Communities: Healthy Living

Brown Thumb

United States


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braintree, United Kingdom
I'm in my late thirties, with no children, or husband. At the moment my older sister is living with me due to a marriage break-up. but she goes to see her children every day. I'm not working presently - so living on benefits. my parents died in 2003 - three months apart (mum - Oct, dad - Dec), both from cancer and I'm still getting over it. if there anything else you want to know - just ask...
Communities: Mind-Body, Meditation, Allergies , ...

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new york, New York
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Communities: Green Living


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Martha T.

Half Moon Bay, California