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Gabby G.

Nassau, Bahamas
I ran cross country the last 2 years of high school after having never attempted anything athletic. I was disappointed to find I sucked. Disappointment leads to not trying and I just continued to suck more. Than I got injured and used that as an excuse to just not bother. But I do like running. So now I'm saying screw it to my expectations, to what people think of me, to previous failures and am...


United States

Ashely A.

Los Angeles, California
An active creature by nature, I love running, triathlons, skiing, tennis, and trying new sports in general. My first triathlon ever was Treasure Island in '03, with Team in Training. It was such a great experience that I've been playing around with triathlons and running events ever since. Swim starts still suck as far as I'm concerned. I can't see that ever changing. ;) I moved to LA last...
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Jessica S.

San Francisco, California
A friend of a friend launched this site, and even though I'm FAR from being an athletic buff or health nut, I really like the idea of touching base with others who enjoy doing the same psuedo-aerobic activities as me...and hopefully gain a little insight into fun new ways to introduce healthier living habits into my routine along the way. Small sidenote - After realizing that I had been...
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matt g.

palo alto, California
Hi there :-) I swim and bike and run, but I don't really do triathlons. I also hate going to the gym unless the weather really sucks.
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you s.

San Francisco, California
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Alan W.

Burlington, Vermont
Well I started running in March of 2007 because one of my daughters asked if I would like to run a 5K race with her in Hopkiton June. Hay I'm in shape I ride a bike to work this would be easy so I said sure. Well I did my first run it was 1 mile and I thought I was going to die I could not suck in enough air. So I started to read up on running so the next run was more run,walk,run,walk...
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balcksburg, Virginia
my life sucks every one i know hates me!!!!


bainbridge, Ohio
I am 20 with a 10 month old daughter and a wonderful husband. Lately my husband and i were tryint to concive and go and be hold i have Polycystic Ovarin Syndrome. Wich really sucks. so thats really all there is..
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Lisbon, Portugal