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The Picky Eater

United States
One of my favorite quotes is from â??When Harry met Sally": Sally: Iâ??d like the chef salad, please, with the oil and vinegar on the side. And the apple pie a la modeâ?¦.But Iâ??d like the pie heated, and I donâ??t want the ice cream on top. I want it on the side.... (you get the picture!) So, in case you havenâ??t guessed by the running theme...
Communities: Healthy Eating


Hi Everyone!  We Heart Vegan is a vegan recipe blog site that is meant to entice and inspire all!  I hope that the recipes posted are easy to follow and really help you to undertsand that vegan food isn't blah!  Hopefully you will follow with me on my journey with winning and failing recipes, cleanses and detoxes, and this vegan (sometimes raw) life.  I'm always looking for...


My blog contains vegan recipes, including recipes I have put together myself.
Communities: Vegan

Kait's Inside Dish

Boston, Massachusetts
Hello My name is Kait Capone and I am a huge foodie.I am also a vegan which can somtimes make dining out tough, So instead I cook! I love creating my own healthy vegan dishes! Follow my blog as I travel and write about local eateries, post healthy vegan recipes inspired by local flavor, and write about my favorite food products! I look forward to getting the opportunity to meet fellow...


Edmonton, Canada
Hi! I am Christal, a Holistic Nutritionist from Canada! I am extremely passionate about healthy living and an advocate for the "you are what you eat" motto! My focus for my clients, readers, and myself is to make whole, unprocessed foods the foundation of day-to-day eating. On Nutritionist in the Kitch you will find a plethora of healthy and exciting recipes - I strive to avoid...
Communities: Healthy Cooking


Female DJ, writer of vegan recipes. 
Communities: Vegan

The Health Seeker's Kitchen

My family and helping others are two of my greatest passions in life. I have a nursing degree and I am currently working on degrees in Health, Healing & Nutrition. I believe a diet rich in plant-based foods is our best defense against the ills that face so many unnecessarily. I create new Vegan recipes every week that are packed with healthy nutrition.
Communities: Exercise, Hiking, Healthy Eating , ...

The Veggie Side

United States
Cooking should be Fun and Easy! I want to feel great, have energy, and enjoy the food I eat. I love to post new Vegan recipes and important info about healthy living.

Green Food, Green Thumb

Tampa, Florida
Hi there! I'm Lindsay, and I blog at Green Food, Green Thumb. I blog about healthy living, fitness, weight loss, vegetarian and vegan recipes and my traveling and outdoor adventures. Cooking is my passion so I love to share healthy recipes with others. I've also overcome a lot of challenges in my life including a serious eating disorder in my teenage years, which I share the story of on my...
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I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, showing you how to have fun while making simple, fast, incredibly delicious and healthy meals that leave you and your family satisfied and full of energy at I specialize in helping people get to an optimal level of health by getting them on a nutritionally-complete healthy eating plan, and support them to guarantee they...
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