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Danielle N. Patient Expert

west hempstead, New York
My name is Danielle I was born with sensorineural hearing loss due to unknown cause. I was raised by a hearing family. I was in special ed and speech classes my whole life. I know how to speech very well that you wouldnt even notice I was hearing impaired. I learned ASL five years ago in college because my hearing has dropped. I experienced Sudden Deafness  in Sept 2008 in my right ear...

Megan S.

United States
My name is Megan. I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with a bilateral, progressive sensorineural hearing loss when I was 4. Since then I have worn hearing aids. My left ear has a severe loss and my right ear has a severe to profound loss. In my blog I write about hearing loss, and interesting news related to it.

Lucas Mommy .. Patient Expert

Manheim, Pennsylvania
I'm Jen, mom to Lucas (b. 12-23-07), born with profound sensorineural hearing loss. He wore hearing aids for 9 months without any benefit, and received a cochlear implant in his right ear 3 days after his first birthday. He loves to hear with his new "ear"!

TheMuscleKitchen .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

Los Angeles, California
in 1999, I realized I was eating smarter than most bipeds who begged for my 'secrets'. That began a huge, wonderful journey and third career, nutrition. It's not about popping more pills, rather it's eating real pure foods to avoid as many pills as possible. Doing so helped me recover from an often untreatable dementia. The lightbulb in my head was dimmed for months (semi-comatose), but the...

Dr. Timothy Durnin Health Maven

Specialty: chiropractor (DC)
Lansing, Illinois
Communities: Exercise, Swimming, Martial Arts , ...


Atlanta, Georgia
My name is Elizabeth. I have a hearing loss (from birth). I am also known as hard-of-hearing, which is the politically correct term (as opposed to hearing impaired). I prefer to say I have a hearing loss. I am profoundly deaf in my left ear and somewhat deaf in my right ear. Currently, I am a teacher for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. I am also an artist. I know American Sign Language, yet I am...

Aaron Patient Expert

I am a 34-year-old IT professional with severe hearing loss that has been progressive over my lifetime. I wear hearing aids, and have been learning ASL and connecting with my local Deaf community for a couple years now. One of my children also carries the same genetic syndrome as me, and has moderately severe hearing loss as well.

Wendi Patient Expert

Chicago Suburbs, Illinois
Although my hearing loss doesn't define me, it has definitely affected me!  I grew up with a bilateral hearing loss that was discovered when I was 4 years old.  I wore a hearing aid and was mainstreamed in school.  It's never been determined what caused my hearing loss, but I suspect it's genetic. In 1993, I lost all the remaining hearing in my right ear (for unknown...