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I am a patient who is thoroughly examining the knowledge about my problems. I have gained some medical knowledge but also believe in a few things taught be eastern medicine: chinese and indian (ayurveda). At present I'm investigating the connections between my health problems and my lowered body temperature. So instead of my private webpage I give a link to the Health and body temperature...

Hilary C.

Somerville, Massachusetts
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Recreation , ...


Palm Springs, California
Not Diagnosed, I suffer from cold hands when working at the computer.  My right hand, the mouse hand, gets numb.  My finger tips freeze!  I have a blog located at  I am a member of the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) and research ways to keep hands warm at work.  My favorite thing to do is find things that warm...

Grass Roots Dance Theatre Inc.

Perris, California
The Grass Roots Dance Theatre Inc., is a Not 4 Profit Charitable Organization who have been serving the community since 1986. Our mission is to instill interest in the dance field.  Services we offer: Dance Classes-Workshops Drum Workshops After School Dance-Drum Workshops Entertainment-Cultural Performances Event Planning Dance Studio Space Dance Floor...


Montreal, Canada
My best sport is playing musical instruments. i.e. NOT very athletic. I love to swim and do water sports, though. Also, being a hypochondriac I like to know every single thing that is going on with me. One cough, gotta take my temperature, cease all activities...


United States


Saint Petersburg, Florida
My porch is my refuge. Sitting here each day, enjoying a fine cigar, and keeping all of you updated on the very latest bipolar disorder news is extremely therapeutic. I am over 40 and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I. was started as a hobby and as therapy for myself as well as to be able to serve as a hub of late breaking news about the disorder and all of it's related...
Communities: Bipolar Disorder


Madison, Wisconsin
I'm Anna and I'm 25 years old. I was inspired to start my own blog, when I started to read other foodie/running blogs such as Healthy Tipping Point, and Eat Live Run. I decided I wanted show people what its like to experience the -10 degree temperatures in Madison, Wisconsin, while still maintaining a fitness program and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I'm going to run all winter, as I'm training...


Columbus, Ohio
I am a working professional mom and wife in my 30s, with a 3-year old son currently teaching. I maintain a blog at that features reviews, news and discounts on the top selling educational and learning toys, resources, games, puzzles, and activities for toddlers, preschoolers and infants. The blog was started as a public way to chart my journey wading through the vast amount of...