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Amisulpride Knowledge

Manchester, United Kingdom
I am on many many meds for Anxiety and other things that go on in the mind. The thing is, i dont need my meds any more, but have to stay on as the side effects can be bad. The amount of benzo's i am on is a lot. Also a drug called Amisulpride. I dont hear much about this tablet? Yet for me it is a good drug' and it is not a cheap drug. I became bad about 15 years ago. But over the years i...


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Hello, My name is Nancy.  I am 54 years old and fairly active.  I work evey day in a fairly physical and stressful job.  Lately, I have noticed I am waking up feeling dizzy and disorientated.  I suspect it is the one tablet of excedrine pm and one tablet of Soma that I take to help sleep.  I take them around 8 or 9 at night and have to get up at 5 am to go to...


Why your business must have a mobile web site is because of the huge growth in smartphones which are being used to access the internet. Soon mos people will be accessing the internet from a smartphone or other mobile device such as a tablet. Increasingly more purchases are made from the internet using a smartphone or tablet device. So if your web site is nor optimized for a smartphone or mobile...


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Hi,im Tracy,age 40, and have suffered in the past and at this present time with headaches which can only be described as a pins and needles type feeling on the left hand side of my head. This feeling is with me most of the time with a feeling of tightness and fuzziness,along side which i feel i am going to die! I dont sleep and i also struggle even when i take a sleeping tablet because i find...


I sometimes feels overwhelmed by the world. Sites and sounds can make me jumpy. When a class is over and we all stand around, I just quietly wander off as I feel socially awkward. Music I love can turn into a wall of noise on alternate days. My mood swings dramatically from happy to angry/ depressed, and loved ones get the brunt of this. I get very paranoid about trivial things such as...


Anaheim, California
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Anatabloc is scientifically formulated breakthrough supplement, which helps the body's own processes to manage excessive inflammation. Reduce excessive inflammation and begin to help you manage your body is an important factor that contributes to pain. Awareness of the benefits Anatabloc has rapidly because more and more people learn about the dangers of growing to excessive inflammation and...