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When I tell people I am an actuary, they never know what it is. outdoor lighting dallas tx  plus size women clothing store web designer scottsdale 


California APOCALYPSE MMA is the Most Original MMA Tshirt, MMA Clothing and MMA Apparel company ever developed. APOCALYPSE MMA offers the only Original MMA shirts with End of Days Warrior style Artwork.  


Omaha, Nebraska and are websites designed for Lupus fighters, by Lupus fighters and for Fibro fighters, by Fibro fighters. They provide hundreds of pages of information about Fibromyalgia, information about Lupus, Lupus Diagnosis, Fibro Diagnosis, Lupus Symptoms, Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Lupus Treatments, Fibromyalgia...
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I'm a 31 year old "work from home" mom to 2 beautiful children & have been married for 12 years! I gained weight after each birth and four years ago was in a really bad car accident that left me in the hospital for one month and a wheelchair for three months. I am fully recovered now and it is even more important for me to stay strong and healthy to keep...
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I decided to join this site for some extra motivation, support & to meet new people. My name is (Keish) Keisha & I am a New Mommy on a Mission!! I recently gave birth to my first child, a daughter this past April. Much to my dismay, I gained 86 pounds!!!!!!! I've never weighed so much in my life. I know that it took nine months to build my baby-growing body. So I'm going to...
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Join me as I eat my way through the ridiculously unscrumptious fad diet and fitness trends of “celeb-ville”… It’s quite messy, I’ll definitely be needing a drop-cloth! Don’t forget to become a FAN ON FACEBOOK and follow GIGI EATS CELEBRITIES on Twitter! Oh and there IS a youtube page too, where all of my webisodes will be posted! (of course they will...

Laura London

Are you frustrated getting fitness advice from a young girl who is half your age and who has zero experience in LIFE? Most fitness gurus have never had to deal with any of the fitness, metabolism and time management problems of a women who is old enough to have a life full of kids, family, and career.  You already know that you're fabulous, but you need someone who can show you how to...
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Tommy Douglas

Hi, my name is Tommy Douglas and for the last 7 years my home has been in Lebanon, Missouri with my wife Gloria, 2 dogs and a cat. I am 54 years old born June 30, 1958 and I have been yo-yo dieting for many years and sadly had a closet full clothes of many various sizes. Having had a heart attack at 49, then being diagnosed diabetic and spending too much time in the...

Dawn Gifford aka Small Footprint Mama

San Diego, California
My name is Dawn and welcome to Small Footprint Family! As a new parent and longtime environmentalist, this blog is about my family’s adventures in learning to reduce our environmental impact, take good care of ourselves, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life so we can ensure an abundant, healthy future for all children. As a work-at-home mom, this blog is provides me with a...
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Jenny R. Facebook

Los Angeles, California
 I find recipes, articles, tips, events & gear to make healthy living more simple, realistic, & fun. I share what I've learned and what I'm doing now to live healthier, smarter, & fuller. I'm determined I can be in shape without exercise taking over my life & determined I can feel great in my clothes [and without] and still eat carbs.
Communities: Exercise, Yoga