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Julie S.

I'm the head of the Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections. My subject specialties are maps and GIS. I like hiking, gardening, dancing, and reading.

Andrea Metcalf Health Maven

Chicago, Illinois
Andrea Metcalf is a nationally recognized fitness expert and a popular media personality.  In the last decade, Andrea had appeared as a contributor for several national publiscations including MORE, Self Shape, Women’s World, All You, as well as “The Today Show.”  For more than 25 years Andrea has inspired people from all walks of life to feel better and move....
Communities: Exercise

Neil S.

San Francisco, California
Health is important to me but I tend to be sort of a "social" athlete. I tend to choose activities that put my in contact with others in some way. I'm not overly competitive, but enjoy participating in aerobic activities that involve others. Cycling and skiing are good examples of outdoor activities that are fun for me.
Communities: Exercise, Biking, Spinning , ...
Goals: weight loss

Jessica S.

San Francisco, California
A friend of a friend launched this site, and even though I'm FAR from being an athletic buff or health nut, I really like the idea of touching base with others who enjoy doing the same psuedo-aerobic activities as me...and hopefully gain a little insight into fun new ways to introduce healthier living habits into my routine along the way. Small sidenote - After realizing that I had been...
Communities: Exercise, Running


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Van Nuys, California
At the age of 13 years, Juan Pablo Santana, a native of Manizales, Colombia, began participating in different sport activities such as Olympic Gymnastics, Karate-Do, Sports Aerobics, Folkloric Latin dance and Modern dance. His professional career began at the age of 18 when he obtained numerous great recognitions nationally and internationally. Nowadays, Juan Pablo is one of the instructors...
Communities: Exercise, Weight loss