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Daisy B.

Charleston, West Virginia
Artsy, wannabe crunchy working mama on a crazed mission to remake my entire life and trying so very hard to focus on one thing at a time. Short term goals are weight loss and anxiety management, and my long view looks toward going vegan, acheiving better time management (and therefore stress reduction) and doing more creative work.

Finding Kristy

I'm a writer from Dallas, Texas. I believe in holistic living, the power of meditation, the importance of stress reduction, the necessity of organic eating, and the power of exercise. I don't always practice what I preach, though, so maybe this site can help keep me on track. It's time to put my money where my mouth is and stop mixing metaphors.

Braxton P. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Blog author Braxton Ponder is a Licensed Acupuncturist whose work has taken him around the world, exposing him to a broad range of healthcare systems and practices. He draws upon this background, as well as his ongoing clinical experience, when he offers news analysis and commentary about healthcare and healthy living. His articles also examine insurance systems and policy decisions that affect...

shawna m.

lake forest, California
My name is Shawna Murphy, co-owner of Primal Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer located in Orange County, Ca. I am certified through N.E.S.T.A, Apex, and NASM. I specialize in many different training areas from weight loss, training athletes to improve sports performance. I also run boot camps specializing in reduction of obesity and post-natal body sculpting. Group training can be a...

Leslie M. Healthy Living Professional

Burlington, Washington
I am a business owner and mother of a daughter with Asperger's. I have very successfully treated my daughter using biomedical treatments, diet, stress-reduction, cleaning up her environment and immense amounts of love & patience. While it took me five years to get an official diagnosis, I knew I was on a journey the entire time. I've know I was on the ASD journey for 3 of those five years....

Katrina P.

Fort Collins, Colorado
I am a freelance writer who works from home, and has a passion for health and wellness. I have recently made a lot of changes in my diet and lifestyle, and taken some beginning Reiki classes. I am looking to connect with other health-minded people and use my writing to edcuate others about the health and wellness topics.

Emme L.

San Francisco, California
Emme Levine is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. Her special interests include food, green architecture, web design, interior design, relaxation and stress reduction to name a few.

Liane E.

Los Altos, California
Healer, hiker, happiest outside, heart centered individual. Interested in  healing, energy medicine, meditation, guided imagery, brain wave entrainment, neurofeedback, stress reduction.

Matthew Sigmon

Waleska, Georgia
I'm an independent recording artist and A/V technician with a particular interest in the areas of relaxation, meditation and stress reduction. I'm developing music and sound therapies for the purposes of healing and enhancing well being physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm interested to know what tools and techniques others are finding useful in their own practice.
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