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New York, New York


Placerville, California
Married to my best friend 10 years, 15 years high school sweethearts. Lost our little boy we named Hayden when my water broke at 15 weeks pregnant from PPROM. Trying to heal our hearts and hope to find strength and courage to try for our sweet baby again, that their spirit may have another chance at life.
Goals: Eat healthy


Riverview, Florida
I am an avid runner, I actively try and manage my weight. I practise yoga and pilates regularlly and like the challenges these both bring forth. Travel is something i wish i could do more of, since it moves my spirit of adventure. Daily i try and be the best person i can be to myself and all around me..

FariMari Facebook

About me...where  do I begin.  How many novels am I allowed to write so as to depict me and my life.  I am a survivor...I love my 4 Jack Russell's to death, they are what keeps me going as well as my son and grandson.  I am so desperately trying to sell my home in Idaho so I cn move to Arizona to be with them the rest of my time on ths Earth. I used to be so active in...
Communities: Chronic Pain


West Des Moines, Iowa
I’ve lived in Iowa for the better part of 26 years (minus a three year stint in Minneapolis after college) and while it may get a bad rap, Iowa’s a fabulous place to live! The cost of living is low which allows me to travel, great food can be found locally which lets me eat well, and trails are abundant which allows me to run free!   I’m 100% an adventurer at heart...

Dina E.

New york, New York
Writer/editor by trade. Trying to bring my life back into balance so that work hours and stress are regulated, mind/body/spirit nourished, recreation/hobbies are a regular part of my life, and my health looked after. Mother to a very intelligent & playful female Somali named "Phoebe" and a demanding albino frog named "Moon". Interests: soccer, film, music, sewing, yoga,...

Ferd C.

Toledo, Ohio
I am an Internal Medicine doctor from Toledo, relocating to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I have 4 adult children by my first marriage, and am happily remarried. I now have an autistic stepson. I am blessed with good health, and I make efforts to keep it that way. I try to pay regular attention to my body, mind, spirit, which includes everything else like my marriage and finances. I look...

Kristine V.

Long Beach, New York
lmt mommy trying to get healthier and live a more spirited life for myself and my family and friends.

Wend B

Chaska, Minnesota
I have 4 kids, I am currently working on Social Security Disabilty (finally at the court hearing level). I have been married for 14 1/2 years. My family has a plethora of genetic disorders. I have Arnold Chiari Malformation type I, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Tethered Cord Syndrome, in 2001 I had a small stroke that I have fully recovered from, and now have a 1.8cm aneurysm on my right kidney....


New York, New York
I am a student of life, in search of tranquility, equilibrium and understanding. A "collector" of the words and teachings of my parents, masters, prophets, brothers and sisters. Seeking truth, compassion, love, patience, determination, devotion, equanimity in myself and in others towards the path of enlightenment. I am a slave to the divine cosmos and a friend of humanity. I am a...