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Anorexic Chap

28 year old anorexic chap. Join me on my day to day dealings with my eating disorder
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happy chap

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Cedar City, Utah
I went in to the emergency room April 10th 2011 in Cedar City Utah, with in 20 min they had diagnosed me with leukimea. From there we went down to St. George cancer center where I was told I had ALL,CML, and AML with CNS .  I was told that because of the rareness of my disease that they could not treat me so I was sent up to LDS Hospital in SLC, UT. I spent 94 straight days in the...
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lip say

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I am 69 and go to the pool every day. I walk every where and am in good health. But I get this lip infection at least once a year. I try not to lick my lips. I am in sun a lot but now wear a hat. My lips are red and swollen. They burn a lot. I use lip balm and that helps the pain but it is not a cure. I hope you have an answer for me. thank you so much