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Seymour, Connecticut
I am 25 yrs old. I am a very VERY picky eater. For the past 10 years, Ive been eating chicken breast & certain cuts of beef as the only meat in my diet. I dont eat many vegetables; only lettuce, corn, onion, & green bell pepper, BUT they have to be prepared/eaten in a certain way. I also dont eat many fruits, although I enjoy eating them, they dont always satisfy my cravings. Its very...

Betsy Clark Patient Expert

Jacksonville, Florida
I am the Director of Pastoral Care and Older Adult Ministries at Avondale United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I have a BS degree in Health from the University of North Florida and an MA in Christian Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary. I also care for my 90 year old Mother who has chronic Congestive Heart Failure. I started the Feedin' Mama blog to share my experiences in...


jacksonville, Florida
 was  in the hospital for 3 days for blood clots in my leg and goin area. they put me on lovenox and warfaril sodium. i ask doc.if i could walk or should i just rest . he did not give me a clear ans. i'm in pain level10 all  the time.when i lay my leg up and not move it eases up. i'm afraid to sit up or walk because it starts to hurt to much. has anyone got any idea what to...

Leah S.

Kitchy Mama Meals is about leaving well and eating smart on 1600 calories a day. Full meal plans with recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner are available for FREE. Each meal plan focuses on balancing eating the foods I love while working toward a healthier lifestyle that includes getting plenty of fiber, eating good fats, keeping sodium and sugar intake at a reasonable level and...


Perricone MD Cold Plasma is the universal beauty product that has been designed with perfect quality components which is both effective and safe. This is really an outstanding formula which can easily suit anyone, no matter how old the skin is or what is actual skin type of individual or whether you are female or male. It is actually a blend of beneficial ingredients like: Parabens, Sulfates,...

NaNa Em

United States


United States

Na Na

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