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I'm a work at home mother of two. One with eczema, food alleriges, and asthma. One with mild eczema. I am the owner/founder of The Eczema Company and I blog at It's an Itchy Little World.


nyc, New York
"Wherever we go to demonstrate our craft, we are privileged to hear many family stories about making soap. The past has a legacy for all of us, and we hope to continue making Grandma's soap in her pot for at least five more generations..."
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United States

akio k.

JAPAN, California
Hello America! I'm Japanese. I am married and have three kids. I'm a restraurant owner. My wife and my 2 years old son are suffering from ezcema,and tried lots of japanese eczema treatment product but it didi not work, so I decieded to get information from america.We do not want to use medicine or products that has side effects like steroid. I always appriciate your advice.


chino hills, California
I am 20 years old girl. Living with eczema and other skin problems every single day.. But trying to find a silver lining in every opportunity and wanting the better future...
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I am Toni Asante Lightfoot. I was introduced to wholistic health by my sister in 1982 when she started searching for programs and a life that would allow her to live cancer free. I was 14. Although I struggle with losing weight due to my lack of exercise I do most of my work in terms of eating well. My daughter was born last year and suffers from eczema. I make her diaper oil (it doubles as...


St. Petersburg, Florida
Melissa’s journey towards wellness incorporated a series of natural health therapies including: acupuncture, juicing, detoxification, hydro colonics, immune boosting herbs, immunotherapy, color therapy, spinal adjustments and massage. Wellness is a process and Melissa’s passion grew as she learned about the various ways the body heals and the various causes of dis-ease. It...

Dr. Lewis Cone

“I invite you to the Nutritional Healing Center.  Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional Natural healing techniques including a broad range of  holistic-minded health care, holistic medicine, nutrition, diet therapy, Nutrition Response Testing, Natural Medicine, diet counseling, nutritional therapy, herbalist, Nutritionist, vitamin therapy, herbal medicine.  Nutritional...

Karen 101

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jordan Essentials Bath & Body Consultant in Pittsburgh, PA. Real skin care solution for real families! Health and wellness on the outside is just as important as on the inside, and what we use on our skin matters since the largest organ on our body is our skin. So many people have skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. We are proud to use products made right here in the America,...