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Active and energetic woman who loves the beauty and challenges of living in the snow capital of the country as well as the being the home to fisherman around the world and have become a mecca in the extreme skiing arena.  We currently have 17 ft of snow and can walk off of our roofs onto our front lawn :)  We are x-country enthusiasts in the winter and...

Salad Pride

I'm Italian and I'm passionate about food.  I love salads and it hurts me when they are treated just like a sad and unsexy side dish. I will give salads the importance they deserve as a complete and yummy course. I will use a variety of healthy and nutritious ingredients which have a high content of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. As I care about the environment and the...


This is metabolism fuel Reviews in the first degree as soon as we want that metabolism fuel. Food your body into an efficient fat burning machine changed. You see the salad bowl, but you will be eating salad for days already and are sick. Food enemy. Of course, the food does not burn fat. Food is no longer your Foe  Have you ever walked into the kitchen to get something to eat while you're...

April G.

Cupertino, California
Things I love... Shopping, Tanning, Sleeping, Snowboarding, Being with my Girlies, Eating out, Flowers, Lip gloss, Cute puppies, 3 day weekends, Road trips, Smoothies, Flip flops, Lifted Trucks, Street bikes, Sunglasses, Famous Stars and Straps, Abercrombie, The color PINK, High heels, Jessica Simpson, Chips and Salsa, Tiffany's, bebe Sport, Working out, Dallas cowboys, Redline, Bottle water,...


Los Angeles, California
Consultant working in LA -- trying to fit in workouts between busy work days and 24!

Marge K.

REDWOOD CITY, California
I'm an admin working with Stanford Engineering Alumni Relations and really enjoy the engineering alumni and students. I'm not "into" exercise but do it anyway. Love bellydance and village dance and enjoy these classes offered by Stanford. Love grease and salt, sigh. Trying to eat more salads and fruit but those onion rings at the Oasis are calling to me even as I type.

yoav s.

BLOOMFIELD, California
Cool guy, ride a vespa, grow my own green salad.
Communities: Dance, Skating/blading, Sports , ...
Goals: nurse, bread less, diet , ...

Dr. V .. Doctor of Chiropracty

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Putting his beliefs into practice, Dr. Vano enjoys doing things that stimulate his mind and body. This involves a routine of exercises, reading self development books, listening to tapes or CDs, and talking and listening to other people every day. Dr. Vano has his spine checked at least once each week and more frequently if he's under additional stress. "It's easier to stay healthy than...


My name is Christian Mayer. I am 66 and in fair shape. I had knee surgery in Asia in 1970 and cardiac bypass in 2004. Since that I have quit smoking, walk ~3 miles 4 or 5 days a week and changed my eating habits. Still love burgers but have them with a salad instead of fries now. I am happy with three miles a day since 48 years of smoking has take a toll. Don't think I will ever get it all...