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Austin Self Defense

I'm a small business marketing coach, and I teach reality-based self defense classes in Austin TX.
Communities: Martial Arts

SelfDefense ..

San Mateo, California
Communities: Martial Arts

Vee Arnis JuJitsu, NJ

Bayonne, New Jersey
Sensei George D. Richie Jr. (Vee Arnis JuJitsu Black Belt Instructor No.52), has been a student of the Vee Jitsu family since 1993 under the initial guidance of Prof. Alvin Lee (Bermuda).   In 1999 Sensei Richie began studying directly under Prof. James, receiving his initial Black Belt in 2003.  In 2006, Sensei Richie was named Budo International Magazine’s...


San.Diego, California
My name is Jr. and I'm here to train you the art of boxing.  I have been boxing competitively for 5 years and have fought and beat many trainers throughout San Diego's boxing /mma gyms. I train people of all skill levels from kids to adults. You can do boxing for fitness, self defense, and competitions. I will teach you the fundamentals of boxing such as solid boxing stance, defense,...

Marisa L.

San Francisco, California
Hi everyone. I'm Marisa, originally from Connecticut and love living out here. My husband Michael and our dog Sam live in Russian Hill and are always organizing friends for activities.

Swati S.

FALLS CHURCH, California
I am a media professional. After a long, erratic work schedule lasting for almost 5 years, I have decided to take a break from a full time job to raise my two children. I have a son(aged 1 year) and a daughter (3 years). I work as a professional freelance writer from home. 2 pregnancies and a erratic schedule made my body not how I wanted it. I have tried thing, from yoga and aerobics to...

Nancy B.

Cincinnati, Ohio
I am a retired journalist and news junkie. During my 27-year newspaper career, I researched, wrote and edited many stories fitness, dieting, health and wellness. My personal wellness goals are to be happy and healthy. Like a lot of people, I have a good deal of dieting experience. Wellsphere seems to be the kind of place where a person looking for support could find it.

Margo R.

NEW YORK, New York
Pilates, Yoga, Running, and self defense
Communities: Marathon, Exercise, Running , ...

mark m.

San Francisco, California

Alex A.

SAN JOSE, California
I enjoy mixed martial arts (MMA). I used to play football and wrestle in high school. After high school, I played soccer for a while but came back to wrestling.... then I got lazy... real lazy and became a foodie. Now I am getting back into sports and have started with a personal trainer and learning mixed martial arts. MMA is a combination of wrestling, jiujitsu, boxing and muay thai ( Thai...