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crystal m.

brooklyn, New York
love too ake poeple around me happy at all time why because am i happy preson no drama around me just work no play ,,,play later job frist
Communities: Volleyball

Shannon S.

malibu, California
I am a former drama, dance and fitness professional. I currently own Purely Fit a health, beauty, fitness and nutrition company located in Malibu, CA. I specialize in Positive Body Image Personal Coaching for women. I currently have a book being published "From Fit to Fat and Back, a guide to finding your happy, healthy, pure body". This book was the chronicles of my life going from a...

Daydreamin S.

Tucson, Arizona
LIKES: Family, friends, chocolate, R & B Music, belly laffs, boxer dogs, lobster on my birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright homes, old houses, holding hands, ANY beach-ANY time, beauty of nature, dancing when I feel like it, singing to the radio, the 3 R's (readin', 'ritin', & researchin'), rescuing oil paintings from thrift stores, middle of the night car picnics, geneology, drive-in movies,...
Goals: Lose weight

Jodi Patient Expert

Olympia, Washington
I live in Western Washington with one sweet husband, one 20 year old drama queen (DQ), one 17 year old with an extra chromosome, two cats, one rowdy dog and a *new* parakeet.
Communities: General Medicine


Tulsa, Oklahoma


United States