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need name

new york, New York
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Al and Pala Health Maven

    Al Link and Pala Copeland are relationship and sexuality mentors. Our Tantric sacred sexuality practice dates back to 1987 (over 20 years). We have been sharing our knowledge and experience with others in writing, speaking, workshops, and personal coaching since 1997. Our work and our passion is to help others learn how to create love for a lifetime together,...
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NurseApril Health Maven

I am the 38 year old mother to a 5 year old girl (bd Sept 05) and a 3 year old boy (bd Nov 07) I am an RN, I work part time for a community college as a clinical instructor for LPN students. In the summers I work for an agency in various nursing homes as a supervisor. Now I am working on my master's degree in nursing education through an online class.  I...

Dorothy B. Facebook

Surrey, Canada
Hi everybody.  I'm Dorothy and the grumpy cat is Bob.  I have always felt that my moods, and emotions were different from other peoples' in  that they were more intense, and lasted longer.  As a teen, I was thought of as lazy by my family because I would isolate myself, not help around the house or participtate in family events.  I alway had my nose in a book. I wasn't...

kim m.

nashville, Tennessee
i am a creative, thoughtful mentally ill human being. i write a blog focusing primarily on mental illness and the stigma that still exists. occasionally i write a bit on politics. and sometimes i write about the entertainment industry since it’s the field i’ve worked in for nearly 11 years. a little background on my mental illness: i was diagnosed with depression at the age...

Bouncy EMD

United States


Hello, I'm a sports and holistic massage therapist, PT and newly qualified yoga teacher. Really interested in PTSD at the moment after reading a fantastic book called Healing without Freud or Prozac......I love the industry I'm in and the job I do.  
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I live in Tennessee. I was diagnosed in 1987 with Chronic Anxiety Disorder when i had a nervous breakdown and was in the hospital 9 weeks. Ive been on Prozac since then along with Tranzene for nerves. I have Agoraphobia really bad. I guess that's the worst thing. I can't deal with it. It's dealing with, me not the other way around. I have been somewhat trying to  read The Agoraphobia...


Detrol dosage is based on patient’s medical condition response of certain treatment or therapy and certain interacting drugs as well.

Myrna M. Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven

Charlestown, New Hampshire
I am a veterinary ethologist and author interested in the interaction of health, behavior, and the human-animal relationship. In addition to writing a monthly commentary for my website ( I also have a blog and do podcasts on a wide variety of subjects related to those topics.
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