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Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook

Seattle, Washington
Sharon LaMothe has been in the Infertility Industry since 1998 when she signed her first Gestational Surrogacy contract. She subsequently gave birth to twin girls and in 2000 was invited to join a FL law firm recruiting and managing surrogacy arrangements.  After leaving the legal arena in 2003, Sharon then co-owned and operated Surrogacy Consultants of Florida, LLC, the first...

Courtney ..

United States
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year and a half and we just recently found out that we're expecting twins through IVF! When we were first diagnosed with infertility in April 2009, we were devestated. We were initially told that we could never conceive biological children. After much research, tests and phone calls we were finally given the news that we actually did have a...
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Suzanne Myers

Sparks, Nevada
Suzanne Myers is the Founder and Director of Heartfelt Egg Donation. Suzanne knows first-hand the range of emotions that can accompany infertility. She also knows the heartfelt joy that can be realized through egg donation. An entrepreneur with more than two decades of well-rounded business, operational and management experience, Suzanne Myers...

Little Wonders

Elk River, Minnesota
After a heart-breaking struggle with infertility, we conceived our identical twin girls through IVF. They suffered from life-threatening Twin-to-Twin Transfusion in-utero, causing me to undergo laser surgery, and 13 weeks of bed rest, 10 of which in the hospital. Every day for a long 13 weeks, we wondered if we would be among the mere 50% of TTTS cases where both babies make it. Our daughters...
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EloiseDrane Facebook

Grayson, Georgia
Eloise Drane has been involved in the egg donor and surrogacy processes since 1999. She has experienced first-hand the incredible joy and fulfillment of helping several couples create a family by being selected as an egg donor as well as a gestational surrogate to twins. Eloise has also worked as a consultant for a third-party agency, conducted research on infertility, and currently...


 I'm a wife, an insurance agent and a mom to 3 year old twin boys. I am Bipolar II. The meds I am on are Abilify (which I just got on), Zoloft, Klonopin and Trazadone. When I was pregnant and 2 years after, I did great with no meds but I started having problems again. My doctor said pregnancy does something that make everything better. uhhhhh why can't they take those...

MaryFusillo Facebook

Mary M. Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS is the founder and Executive Director of The Donor Solution. Mary was introduced to the area of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility while facing her own challenge having children. As the Clinical Nursing Director of an Infertility clinic in Houston, she was instrumental in starting the Donor Egg program and recruiting their first donors. This program...

Tiffany Snook Patient Expert

Napa, California
My husband and I have been on a long journey to become parents. After three IVFs we are now expecting twin boys.  Even this is not coming without complications.  Please join us as we struggle and pray to bring our boys into the world healthy.
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twin lakes, Wisconsin
Communities: Pregnancy & Fertility

Robin Webb R.N.

Dominion fertility's International Patient Coordinator, I've worked off and on for DF since 1994, currently l live in Heidelberg, Germany with my husband, Mark and my twins, Lauren and Austin.