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Max Elliot Anderson Patient Expert

United States
Max Elliot Anderson grew up as a reluctant reader. After surveying the market, he sense the need for action-adventures and mysteries for readers 8 â?? 13, especially boys. Using his extensive experience in the production of motion pictures, videos, and television commercials, Mr. Anderson brings the same visual excitement and heart-pounding action to his stories. Each book has...
Communities: Children's Health

Adam Freeman

United States
My name is Adam Freeman and I am the proud father of Kayleigh Freeman who was born at 28 weeks, but was diagnosed early on with severe IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) and was delieverd via emergency c-section (due to preeclampsia) the size of a 22 week old little girl. She weighed an amazing 1 pound - 1 ounce and defied all the odds against her to survive through the pregnancy and after...
Communities: Pregnancy & Fertility


Forest Hills, New York
Nomadic grandmother of 8 who likes to travel and live in other countries part time.  Learned to speak passable French and understand a bit of Italian after the age of 50 and am still studying French while living in France six months out of the year.   I joined this site for support.  I cannot take statin drugs because I suffered incredible muscle pain after taking them...
Goals: Lose weight


Mayville, New York
I'm a single gal looking for additional weight loss support.    My all time high was 243 pounds.    There was a TOPS Chapter in my area so I joined it.    I lost 30 pounds and for the most part my weight stayed between 213 and 220 until late May/early June 2008.   I started using NutriSystem.   Also when a Curves opened up in the...

Brian, the old man

Jasper, Georgia
Hi. I’m Brian, the old man. They call me the old man not because I’m that old, but because I usually spend all my time with a younger crowd. I am 50, divorced, and have two wonderful children, a son and a daughter. I live on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I have BBA degree from Georgia State University. I currently write a column for The Pickens County...
Communities: Walk-a-thon, Exercise, Biking , ...
Goals: Lose weight


Grew up with the usual insecurities and lack of confidence most young girls do....although looking back @ my pics, I realize how much of it was 'in my head'. Otherwise, I have been healthy most of my life, other than some chronic pain issues I have been dealing with  since 1994. However,the past 7 years I have been having some health issues that when dealt with separately, seemed fairly...

Regina H.

WILDOMAR, California
I am 45 years old and I am entering the second phase of my life. I've been married for 22 years. My husband and I love to travel with our family. I have three daughters, Jamie, my oldest, who just got married, Katie, my middle child started college and Kelly, my youngest will graduate from high school this year. So I am looking at an empty nest in the very near future. I am an elementary...

Wend B

Chaska, Minnesota
I have 4 kids, I am currently working on Social Security Disabilty (finally at the court hearing level). I have been married for 14 1/2 years. My family has a plethora of genetic disorders. I have Arnold Chiari Malformation type I, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Tethered Cord Syndrome, in 2001 I had a small stroke that I have fully recovered from, and now have a 1.8cm aneurysm on my right kidney....


I'm a 31 year old "work from home" mom to 2 beautiful children & have been married for 12 years! I gained weight after each birth and four years ago was in a really bad car accident that left me in the hospital for one month and a wheelchair for three months. I am fully recovered now and it is even more important for me to stay strong and healthy to keep...
Communities: Weight loss

Lisa M.

Gainesville, Georgia
I am a 48 year old grandmother and I need to lose about 130 pounds. I want to enjoy playing with my granddaughter and not have achy joints all the time. I'm also concerned about diabetis and heart disease. I get no support from my husband, and just need someone to encourage me along the way.