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Steven .. Doctor of Chiropracty

Atlanta, Georgia
I am a doctor of chiropractic, and since 1979 I have focused on relieving pain and improving how patients move. Since 2003 I have shared my observations and techniques through the seminars, Integrating Chiropractic & Posture Rehab Exercise, and Clinical Posture Assessment,Therapy & Exercise. After spending 5 years teaching doctors and other health professionals nationwide...
Communities: General Medicine


Dr. Daniel Auer has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.  He takes a whole body approach to health by balancing all the body’s systems through the combination of modern diagnostic methods and holistic healing modalities. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Auer became interested in fitness and health in his teenage years. He obtained a degree in business...

Matt Whitehead

Portland, Oregon
A Client First: Matt Whitehead worked as an Exercise Therapist, Clinic Director, and Therapy Director of the Egoscue Method in Portland, Oregon from it's opening in 2004 until 2013.  While majoring in Exercise Science at Gonzaga University, he was a NCAA Division 1 cross-country and track runner but found his time there riddled with injuries: foot pain, knee pain, shoulder...

Precise Moves Chiropractic

Dr. Gregory is a well respected chiropractor and the only Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner in San Mateo County.  This means she treats your whole body from top to bottom (including toes)!  She specializes in spinal and extremity care, sports injuries, muscle and soft tissue rehabilitation, posture and ergonomics. Dr. Gregory and her team provide a holistic and...


My body opened its debilitating chakras in a spontaneous way on December 12, 2004 showing its effect in the sudden clarity of vision; and after two years of day and night experimenting with pin pointing what it was doing to itself in order to be in that open state, I was able to give a clear biological interpretation to an obscure spiritual study of chakras as well as frame a concrete...

Elika A.

ATLANTA, California
Elika came to the path of yoga in 2000 by chance when she injured her back and was looking for physical relief. As a longtime dancer and fitness professional, she was amazed to find not only her body growing stronger, but her mental and spiritual connection deepening as a result of this practice. Elika is grateful for this period of rehabilitation because it allowed her to learn to be present...
Communities: Meditation

Krista B.

San Francisco, California
I am a Certified Postural Alignment Specialist with the Egoscue Method. I work with people a wide variety of clients, from those in chronic pain to professional athletes. I found the Method as a client, after having a spinal fusion and ending up in chronic pain. I used to walk with a cane and am now able to hike, do yoga, lift weights and run without pain. I help others take responsibility...
Communities: Soccer

Mary L.

REDWOOD CITY, California
I'm an outdoor enthusiast with a particular passion for cycling, trail running, and hiking with my crazy, cute cattle dog. I supplement my outdoor activities with pilates and yoga, and integrate imagery into everything to improve my posture and relieve tension.

Esther G.

Stanford, California
Founder, Esther Gokhale Wellness Center (Palo Alto); author, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back; acupuncturist; posture and movement educator