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Reston, Virginia
I am an avid 40 year old runner who is training for middle distance events. I use pool running as part of my weekly running. I run with a training group and my dog. My blog is about my goal to get faster in these events. While I no longer run marathons, (I've run 6, - Boston 2X, LI, OBX & Disney 2X), many in my group do, so my posts may include marathon information as well as my desire...
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Run For Life Patient Expert

My blog started as a way to track my training for a marathon. Since then it has morphed into a place where I write about all things running and health related. It is also a great way to connect with others and even post about the various things of life in it. I hope you find these posts entertaining and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!

Kelsey K.

United States
Kelsey is a healthy living blogger over at The Secret Life of Kelsey She blogs about her faith, fitness, food, and fun, along with product reviews. Although she has completed a half marathon, running is not her idea of a fun workout. Instead, she enjoys mixing up her fitness routine by doing different group fitness classes each week. Her favorites are Dance...
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I have been a runner and fitness enthusiast for many many years but only lately have become interested in running formal races. In the past I have done some fun runs and charity runs, but have just signed up for my first half marathon, to be run in May 2012. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher, and actively participate in the current program. I also have a food/nutrition blog called We can begin to...
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Marathon Diaries

Hi I'm Megan! I am so glad you stopped by - I am trying to be a runner and loving every moment/mistake I make along the way. I started blogging about my running experience to keep myself accountable and track my weight loss goals.  But this has turned into something so much more- something I truly love and something that is a great escape/stress reliever for me.  Some things about me:...

rawprincess Facebook

Portland, Oregon
I'm excited about raw foods.   Just ran my first 5K   I'm a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. Those with accidents, injuries, post-surgery, birth-related stress and everyday "fight or flight" mode may be helped immensely by this. Look into it more at the links on the left bar give history of Biodynamic Craniosacral and more about this gentle...

Running the Windy City

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I am a 20-something-year old living in Chicago working on my Masters of Public Health. My journey towards healthy living began my senior year in high school when I realized that despite being athletic and very active, my unhealthy eating habits were not only adding to my waistline but also making me feel pretty gross. With the support of my family, I cleaned up my...

Chic Runner Patient Expert

Long Beach, California
Welcome to the Chic Runner! I named my site that because I think it’s okay to look fabulous when working out and working out makes you look fabulous! It just kind of grew from there. My real name is Danica and I fall in the category of “twenty something”. I fell in love with running when I joined my junior high cross-country team, but I also ran track and played soccer and...
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Run for the Redfish

Panama City Beach, Florida
On December 5, 2009 runners from across the Southeast will participate in the inaugural Run for the Redfish in Panama City Beach, Florida, a combined half marathon, 5k run and kids fun run will be held at Pier Park. A portion of the proceeds for event will benefit the Coast Conservation Association (CCA). The run will begin at the Front Beach Road entrance to Pier Park and continue down Front...
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Siobhan Landis

Siobhan Landis believes that the human body's natural state is one of perfect health, which can be achieved one step at a time, with small lifestyle changes.  - - - I started blogging several months ago, and find it SO cool that people from around the world are coming to my site (and coming BACK to it!) and reading what I have to say, and posting it on facebook...