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thematrix777 Patient ExpertHealth Maven

North Las Vegas, Nevada
I am disabled with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) for several years now. It is a relatively unknown neurological condition that effects my entire sympathetic nervous system.  It is chronic, progressive and incurable. In addition, I have neuropathy, several inoperable back issues and other health problems I deal with on a daily basis. Goals I am Working On:   Goal #1: I am...

Ron Graham Patient Expert

Houston, Texas
Access+Ability = Accessibility. Positive attitude and positive change are what Access Ability is all about. For background, I am a former supervisor with the Texas prison system, medically retired following a 13-year career. In 1993, I was blinded in an auto accident at age 31. Since that life-changing event, I have gone back to college and earned an AAS (Criminal Justice), BS (Behavior...
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Dave Patient Expert

San Francisco, California
A POSITIVE ATTITUDE MAY NOT SOLVE ALL OF MY PROBLEMS, BUT IT WILL ANNOY ENOUGH PEOPLE TO MAKE IT WORTH THE EFFORT. I am an alcoholic and a sarcastic smart-ass. I am recovering from the alcoholism. My first and only sobriety date is September 5, 2003.
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salinas, California
 I'm 38 yrs old and a proud mother of three beautiful kids. I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in July of 08 and Limited Scleroderma in November of 09.How am i dealing with it? Taking life as it is one day at a time...  I stay strong with a positive attitude. I'd really like to meet new people,especially if they can relate, as far as in my...

mandeep chawla

i am a simple girl with positive attitudes towards life. but small things really upset me.


NYC, New York
I'm a wife and mom, working on losing the 20 plus pounds that I've regained. My aim is to improve my health by eating healthy foods, avoiding sweets, and doing my exercises for my back and sciatica problems. I believe that faith, a healthy diet and a positive attitude will help me overcome my physical struggles.


BRONX, New York
Im am the proud mother of Nicole and wife to Anis. I have been blessed for all of the support I get from my family during my really awful bad days with my lupus flares.  My motto, take one day at at time and be thankful and grateful and appreciate your loved ones.  Most of all, spend as much quality time with them.  This is the best medicine that someone like me is blessed...

Kate M.

Chicago, Illinois
My name is Kate, and I am a 26 year old Chicago transplant. I was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, and have only recently moved to the Windy City for my fiance’s job. Chicago is an awesome city, with AWESOME restaurants. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal! This is all well and good, however it makes fitting into a wedding dress on May 22nd of this year a...

Heartfelt L. Facebook

Vancouver, Canada
All my life I was surrounded by health issues. I was born between two handicapped brothers who passed away when I was between 18 and 19 years old. It was a huge impact on my life and it took me years to understand the purpose of us being on this plane. Spirituality became a large part of me. I read and educate myself on a daily basis and will do so until my last breath. Who I am...

Kelly Ridgway Patient Expert

United States
My name is Kelly Ridgway and I am a nurse and mother to three amazing children. I am also an ultrarunner who happens to have Lupus. When I was diagnosed with Lupus, I made a decision to be the healthiest I could be. I eat a very healthy diet, exercise and maintain a healthy positive attitude. It could be easy to become a drug seeking couch potato with Lupus, but I have chose to become the...
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