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goldsboro, North Carolina
married, two kids, beach is the best place to be. God is good, Jesus is alive, and I love my family. I recently underwent lap band surgery, march 16 2010 is my one year post op. it changed my life for the better. Brody school of medicine has an excellent A+ staff. I breed excellent working, certified German shepherds because i love the breed. I have 4 males available and 3 already sold.


United States


I am an evangelist for improving the healthcare revenue cycle, and I embrace my role as a catalyst for the changes needed to help my clients solve their complex business problems. When game-changing solutions come to fruition, it takes people from different areas of the organization to lead the charge moving change management projects forward effectively and efficiently. I...

FariMari Facebook

About me...where  do I begin.  How many novels am I allowed to write so as to depict me and my life.  I am a survivor...I love my 4 Jack Russell's to death, they are what keeps me going as well as my son and grandson.  I am so desperately trying to sell my home in Idaho so I cn move to Arizona to be with them the rest of my time on ths Earth. I used to be so active in...
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PetDoc Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Atlanta, Georgia
PetDoc is the definitive online network for pet health and care information. It is where pet owners can access the highest quality, most relevant pet health information available in one place. Only PetDoc offers customized, breed-based health and behavior information from cat and dog experts and from other pet owners in an easy-to-use, engaging environment.
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I was born and breed in the uk london.. have to grown children and not yet a grand mother.  I'm now looking for healthy ways to heal my body as i have worked hard all my life. and this has affected my health. 


aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
54 yr old, studying to become animal behaviourist, trained dogs for years and done all the nasty jobs with all kinds of animals, now need to use my brain instead.Have 3 rescue dogs, 3 horses, 5 chickens and breed siamese,orientals and burmese cats for last 20 years, cannot pass a distressed animal. like to read(when I can find the time) swim when my grandkids are here and always on a diet. relax...

Sharon B. Facebook

United States


United States