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The PT Project was developed to strengthen and improve the entire physical therapy industry by creating a resource where quality information, case studies and medical research is shared among those professionals within the industry that are dedicated to providing the best quality care for patients. This is about physical therapists teaching other physical therapists so that everyone, including...


North Arlington, New Jersey
I'm a twenty-something work-at-home mom. I was dissapointed by a lot of the "mom blogs" out there that didn't seem to promote the idea that moms are entitled to health, exercise, physical activity and a life of their own. So I started, an interactive website where women can search for other women in their area to find exercise partners and organize sporting...


blackwood, United Kingdom

Nanci C.

Stanford, California
I have worked in the field of health and wellness for more than 25 years. My career chose me when I was in college, away from home, making bad food choices and not participating in sports as I had done in high school. I was tired and out of shape! Anyone could sign up to be an aerobic instructor back then, so I let a friend talk me into trying out. To this day, I feel grateful to that friend....
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
I'm a 20 year-old harpist and kinesiology major in Arizona. I love running and working out, and aim to become a physical therapist or clinical exercise specialist. I love making and eating healthy and nutritious food. I strive to eat healthily and exercise regularly because I love how my body feels when I treat it right :)
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Rachel Wilkerson Healthy Living Professional

Grand Blanc, Michigan
I've always been a sucker for trying new things. (Late night infomercials are my kryptonite!) And, being the kind of person who can gain five pounds just smelling pizza and lose five pounds by dropping cheese for a week, I often apply this "What can I try next?" mentality to diet and exercise. My weight has fluctuated over the years. I played sports but I ate a good amount of...

Nicholas C.

I am an applied physics Ph.D. student and as such I have little free time, and plenty of stress. I train with Stanford Shotokan Karate because the full 2 hour workouts are physical enough that I only need to exercise 2-3 times per week to stay in shape, and they are a great way to blow off stress. I started training in Shotokan Karate as an undergrad at Boulder and, besides the physics...


pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Palmer graduate and certified Chiropractic Orthopedist with over 20 years experience specializing in disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Hands-on, patient centered; specific adjusting techniques, physical therapy modalities and exercise & rehabilitation programs available. Established in 1988 Shady Hill Chiropractic Clinic opened in May 1988 and has been in continuous operation...
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Dale K.

South, Florida
I have always been an advocate of healthy eating. Five years ago, after having a serious problem with plaque in my bloodstream, I became an EXTREMELY healthy eater. I start each day with fresh cut fruits and a whole grain cereal. I do not eat red meats, bacon, etc. fortunately I love fruits, veggies and fish. These are the mainstay of my diet. I stay emotionaly healthy through my arts and...