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I currently run a healthcare communications company and am a registered and practicing pharmacist specialized in medication safety. I was previously in charge of the drug information service at a tertiary, teaching hospital for several years where I was responsible for handling medication enquiries, organizing continual education activities and reviewing drugs for inclusion in the hospital...

Callpills Pharma Inc

Hi. Im an Steve Brad  pharmacist currently Working for a  job in Montana as a Pharmacist. I have 3 individual Bachelor Degrees in Pharmacy, Medical Science and Psychology. I have extensive experience in both hospital and retail pharmacy.

Mike C.

Deerfield Beach, Florida
I am a testicular cancer survivor and founder and president of the Testicular Cancer Society and Home Health Screening. As a pharmacist I also write the Home Health Screening Blog. Besides that I have a vast array of interests and ventures as I travel down lifeâ??s meandering path.
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hicktown, Ohio
Hey, I'm a pharmacist from Ohio. I'm looking for home remedies i could recommend to people when mainstream choices aren't working. I'm also looking for tips to keep my two wonderful kids healthy!

Pharmacy God .. Healthy Living Professional

E of the Mississippi, Pennsylvania
I am Pharmacy God. I have over 15 years of experience in retail pharmacy. It's not fun. The posts that you will read are a method of therapy for myself (and other retail pharmacists). Not everything will be related to health issues. The football posts are for my personal mental health. If I go political, it's for the health of the United States. I live in the Eastern United States. The...
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chicago, Illinois


Maceio, Brazil
I'm a retired brazilian pharmacist and active translator of portuguesem, english, french and spanish into each other.
Goals: Eat healthy


Brooklyn, New York
I am a pharmacist and Crohns disease patient. I would like to share my knowledge to help other Crohns and colitis patients. 
Communities: Digestive Health


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Li YeSen, a Chinese Medical doctor or also know as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner cum an acupuncturist. Li YeSen was born in NanNing, GuangXi, China. He was influenced by his pharmacist father, and started to be interested Chinese medicine and herbs. After graduated from high school, Li YeSen had applied for GuangXi Traditional Chinese Medical University without...
Communities: Exercise, Sports, Football , ...


nashville, Tennessee
I'm a full time pharmacist and mother of five.  I have 3 1/2 year old twin boys and 21 month old boy, boy, girl triplets.  I try to cram in as much running as I possibly can in my free time.  I'm also transitioning to barefoot running and love it.   
Communities: Running