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Natalie D.

0, South Carolina
If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be that I love teaching people to improve their health through tennis and enrich their lifestyle at all levels. Aside from that I'm passionate about my tennis and outdoor and indoor sports activities I am a Conscious Body Coach and my intention is to share all that I know with as many people as I can.  The power is truly within...

Rob N.

San Francisco, California
I enjoy healthy habits, eating well and getting plenty of excercise outdoors, which includes lots of tennis. I enjoy cooking and eating out to new places here in the city which makes it fun to try new places. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and really love taking care of people in need and its a great thing to hlp the community in this great city of San Francisco. My family is very important...

Don T.

BURLINGAME, California
I am a working guy buy I like to stay in shape. I love to go sailing, ski in Tahoe, work on my garden, go to the gym, and especially bike riding, hiking and anything outdoors. I also play a lot of tennis and golf at a local country club.

Janine Bolton, R.D.

Calgary, Vancouver, Canada
I am a graduate from the University of Alberta's Nutritional Sciences program and completed a Dietetic Internship to become a Registered Dietitian. I created this blog because I am passionate about food, nutrition, health and writing. In my past life I worked as a personal trainer and competed in a Provincial fitness competition. My nutrition philosophy as evolved a lot since those...
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Kristen D.

Fairfield, Connecticut
Hello all! I'm the moderator for the Recreation and Endurance Training communities, and the communities that are included within them, as well as the tennis community. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or write on my whiteboard. I'm a woman who loves the outdoors, whether I'm walking, riding a bike, hiking, swimming or anything else. I love sports, even more than my...
Goals: Lose weight

Ariel B.

Ithaca, New York
love sports (tennis, track, xc, cycling, camping) love the outdoors (parks, ponds, rivers, falls, gorges, gardens)

Karine G.

San Francisco, California
I moved to the Bay Area from Boston a year ago. I love being here & being able to access the outdoors year round. I love hiking & am always looking for cool new hikes in this area. I'm also starting to play tennis, a new years resolution for the last 3 years but finally making it a reality this year!
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Patty F.

Mt View, California
I play tennis and lift weights. I have a garden and use to ballroom dance but haven't the past year. I tried golfing for 6 months and would like try it again. I like to walk and be outdoors and work in my garden. Nutrition and food science is fascinating to me and I like to learn.

Jane P.

San Francisco, California
Hey, I'm Jane. I moved to San Francisco a year ago from New Jersey. I love the lifestyle out here, and all the amazing outdoor activities. Have been getting into yoga lately - I love it!

Jane A.

New York, New York
I am an all-outdoors woman. I like to hike and camp and run and such, but on the other hand I love going to a spa and getting a nice massage. I really want to learn how to be a better cook and do yoga!
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