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Adriana and Matt A.

Alexandria, Virginia
My husband Matt, and I are the Presidents and Co-Founders of an International Non-Profit (501c3) Organization ( that conducts humanitarian assistance all over the world while running and performing other outdoor activities. We definitely share the same passion as you do for running, swimming, biking, hiking, rock climbing, water rafting, traveling and helping children and...

Qualita P.

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
I am an empty nester. I have decided it is time to concentrate on me. I have a goal to get under 200 lbs. I am not very active, my favorite activities involve alot of sedantary actions. I am trying to get more active, at least outdoor activities three times a week. I am a crafter, jewelry, knitting and other mixed media arts. I publish a monthly ezine and I am an perpetual student.

Neil S.

San Francisco, California
Health is important to me but I tend to be sort of a "social" athlete. I tend to choose activities that put my in contact with others in some way. I'm not overly competitive, but enjoy participating in aerobic activities that involve others. Cycling and skiing are good examples of outdoor activities that are fun for me.
Communities: Exercise, Biking, Spinning , ...
Goals: weight loss


Irvine, California
I am very active and live in southern California. The weather is very nice here and I love the outdoors. I also work in the computer industry, which is very conducive to wreaking havoc on one’s body (too much sitting). I have enjoyed a fit and healthy lifestyle for much of my life but needed to re-energize my workouts. I stopped going to the gym because it was so crowded and...

Carol L.

San Jose, California
I love to be active - am kind of a gym junkie. Have been kickboxing for the past 2 years, and just completed my first half marathon. Running can be boring though, so joining some type of group might be helpful! I'm also interested in trying new outdoor activities as well. I also love to eat. I'm trying to eat at all highly rated restaurants in the bay area. =)
Communities: Exercise, Running, Martial Arts , ...

roxanne v.

ca, California
i moved to walnut a year ago, and i'm not familiar with the area, but hope to meet good people or new friends to share the same interest, and do outdoors activity"s. i'm a single son is 15 years old and hope he also could join and be active!
Communities: Exercise

Sara G.

Stanford, California
Naturally lazy, I have to either force myself to do some kind of strenuous physical activity or be strongly ;) encouraged by friends. But being very curious I really enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, especially in the wonderful Californian nature. I also like Yoga, in its Hatha, Iyengar and Kundalini forms.

Michelle A.

Fairfield, Connecticut
I am actively exploring information about a vegan lifestyle, probably leaning towards a raw food mindset as well.  By this I mean that I do not want to eat those processed type of vegan foods, and want to try to eat foods as close to their natural form as possible! I am soon to be a Registered Nurse, enjoy running and all sorts of outdoor activities, and love any sort of...


Westminster, California
I'm a Health and Wellness Coach who has personally benefited from a nutritional program that made me lose 18.4 lbs in just a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. It's an efficient and effective program that I am eager to share with anyone interested in health and wellness. I am also a Certified Instructor of the Arthritis Foundation teaching both Standard and Tai-Chi for Arthritis exercises. Furthermore,...


Oak Harbor, Washington
I am married and have two grown children.  My husband is battling Colon Cancer. I am a Recreational Therapist, although I have worked in the past in Special Education and Retail. My interests include outdoor activities, church and volunteer work. I am trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, eating at least 3 vegetarian meals per week and exercising more.