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I am an evangelist for improving the healthcare revenue cycle, and I embrace my role as a catalyst for the changes needed to help my clients solve their complex business problems. When game-changing solutions come to fruition, it takes people from different areas of the organization to lead the charge moving change management projects forward effectively and efficiently. I...


Lynnfield, Massachusetts
 I am a software analyst and proud  dad  from North Shore area of MA . I also get involved in  for  Xylogics  and graduated from Clark University. My favorite  side activities include  organic gardening, hiking and cooking. Recently engaged to and co-habitating with my high school sweetheart  who I luckily...


Jackson, Mississippi
I'm a Holistic Health Coach and Massage Therapist. My mission in life is helping people discover the personal power to live and give a fulfilling life. I'm a student and teacher of Polarity. It's the science and philosophy of Yin and Yang, Anima and Animus, Masculine and Feminine. Not the science of male and female, but of masculine and feminine. Every moment is the opportunity to give, and...


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Communities: Walk-a-thon, Exercise, Spinning , ...


Urbandale, Iowa
I started because I wanted other Lupus fighters to have the information I didn’t have when I was going through things for the first time. For instance, there are many websites that will tell you what a Complement Level test is, and what the normal ranges are, but none of them tell how it relates to Lupus. I used to search, and cross reference, and read books, and talk to...
Communities: Lupus

frank w.

newyork, New York

Alex Ong -

Villa Park, Illinois
Tragedy Turns Ex-Fatty Boy/ Fatty into Bruce Lee of Wellness - Beginning at age six, 'Fatty Boy' was my nickname. As I grew older, my nickname was changed to Fatty. How fun was it to be called a Fatty? I didn't care much, but I do not recall loving it. Although I was very cheerful by nature, consciously and subconsciously, I hated being fat, especially when it came to changing my clothes....

United States
Maria Uspenski is founder & CEO of The Tea Spot, where educating the public on ways to enjoy tea to enhance a healthy lifestyle is a vital element to the company's mission. Her message is simple and powerful: tea in its freshest form renders exceptional flavor, unmatched health benefits, and is eco-friendly. A certified woman-owned and operated business, The Tea Spot produces innovative...


Houghton Lake, Michigan

Steve G.

new york, New York
Keeping the record of financial transactions is called bookkeeping.This transaction includes:purchases,sales,income,and payments by an individual or an organization.A bookkeeper usually performs the book keeping service.However,it’s not same with accounting.An account performs the process of accounting.The accountant generally makes reports from the recorded financial transactions that are...