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Dr. Vimala Murali Health MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

San Francisco, California
I am a Homeopathic Consultant, holding a Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine awarded by The British Institute of Homeopathy, UK.  I believe that human beings are synergistic beings operating on all levels at the same time - physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual; in order to enjoy good health, we must feel well on all these levels.  I have a special interest in...


This on top of that benefit many more are exactly what you need to provide a mango tree that is very simple for you. Perhaps I may not be very displeased apropos to African Mango Reviews. African Mango Premier will do the same thing. I am not flabbergasted by this. You will lose weight faster melting additional human anatomy extra energy. Consuming your base, and the legs and persistent...

Victoria G.

Stockton, California
I have a goal to lose about 40 pounds and more if possible. I'm in no hurry..but would like to see it melt off me within a years' time..before I make 50 years old.


bunkerville, Nevada
My name is cassie and i am here to lose weight just like most people. I have had many problems with this. and have been trying to slim down for over a year. hopefully with the help from this website i can finally look and feel great :]
Communities: Walk-a-thon, Exercise, Walking , ...
Goals: Lose weight


Kapaa, Hawaii
i live on a tiny tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean called Kauai. i moved here in 1998 to continue pursuing what would end up being a 9 year managing career starting at theaters along the blustery I-90; dating back to my freezing teens and twenty something college days. since no spectacular melt-down happened at the turn of 2000 i created my own by entering into a grueling...


Ottawa, Canada
My name is Diana and a few years ago – actually on September 24, 2006 to be exact, I quit smoking and took my first step towards a healthier life! I’m not even sure why I smoked to begin with. I started in my early twenties and only smoked for a few years. What the heck was I thinking?!? In an effort to quit I replaced my very bad smoking habit with another bad habit...
Communities: Healthy Living

Anonymous P.

United States
I am a recovering depressive personality. At the end of 2008 I experienced a life altering event -- I had a nervous breakdown. A complete and total melt down. A lot has happened since that event - the most important being a decision that I took to make sure that I finally faced down this demon. This is my story to recovery.
Communities: Depression


i am Smartlipo Surgeon. Smartlipo is an advanced laser procedure performed by various cosmetic surgeons. The surgery is totally done by laser applications where an appropriate amount of heat is applied on your fatty tissues and is literally melted.


Acai Reduce is formulated with natural ingredients to stimulate weight loss. It is one of the unique amalgamations of natural thermogenic boosters with the extract of Acai berry which helps to melt inches and burn calories quickly.


Acai Lipo is a well known natural ingredient for excess fat reduction and is widely used in so many weight supplements. It is known for its antioxidant properties which have various health advantages. Acai Lipo has particularly been made to melt fat cells and prevent fat accumulation in the body at the same time.