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Arlington, Virginia
I'm not the typical 24 year old. I am in my first year of a Masters of Public Health program at the George Washington University. I hope to use my degree to focus on food insecurity and obesity issues. After spending some time in clinical medicine, volunteering on a Certified All Natural farm and at a food bank, I'm excited to put all of the things I love into a career. I love good, fresh foods....

James D.

San Francicsco, California
I am a really interesting person...


Cardiff, United Kingdom
Hi. I'm Lauren and I blog over at I am a long term vegetarian and a recent vegan convert. I am loving veganism and the way it makes me feel both physically and mentally. I am a keen runner, and have completed several 10k's though my toughest challenge will come in the form of my first half marathon this October. I love blogging about healthy living, vegan lifestyle...
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Yorkville, Illinois
Ultramarathoner - ’08 Races completed -  -          Three Days of Syllamo 100 mile Ultra Stage Race – 22 hrs 16 min – 15th place. (Got lost for 2 hours on the 50k course the first day. If I wouldn’t have I would have placed in the top 10) -         ...


My name is Julianne; I am a newbie runner (12/09). I ran my first Marathon in Seattle in November. And now I'm hooked! I love the challenge that comes with hard training. I'd love to finish a Marathon under five hours which is my new goal.

Vicki C.

Lahaska, Pennsylvania
Studio owner Vicki Cross has spent the last 19 years helping people meet their conditioning goals. Her experience spans personal training, fitness counseling, yoga, Pilates-mat and reformer bed. She is equally comfortable with people new to exercise, high performing scholastic athletes, the older adult and people rehabilitating from injuries. After studying modern dance at Penn State University,...


Erie, Pennsylvania
I am marathon runner, medical student, and husband to my beautiful wife.  I hope to one day become a successful physician and also an elite marathon runner.  It is a bit of a challenge but something I am very determined to do.    I also own the blog which I will document my daily life and my journey/training to becoming a better and hopefully elite...


I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember. Even in Kindergarten, I remember challenging anyone who was up for it to race me in the school yard during recess and proudly styled myself “The Third Fastest Girl in School” (I did allow that my friends Jana and Wendy were faster.) Our PE teachers did a running unit every January that pretty much consisted of having us...

Runner at Heart

My name is Daniella and I am 25 years old and live in the Boston area with my fiance Joe. I love spending time running, working out and cooking, When I am not doing these things I love spending time with my family and friends. I have run three marathons in the past two years and several other races of different distances. I never enjoyed running as a kid but three years ago I decided to...
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Goals: Lose weight

Get Healthy With Heather

I'm a 22 year old fitness and health food enthusiast. I don't have any formal education in these areas but spend a ton of time reading and learning about about how and why different foods help my body and fuel me for an active lifestyle. I love cooking and creating new, healthy meals. I feel like I was active growing up as a kid playing sports, but now that I'm an adult I can really...
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