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David B

Dana Point, California
I was raised in Indianapolis and moved to Phoenix in 1990. After 10 years in the heat, I decided to move my firm to Dana Point. You just can't ask for better weather. Joined Wellsphere looking for a Wellness social networking forum. From what I have seen - I look forward to meeting others and sharing my experiences. Looking for friends to help keep me focused on my own wellness journey. On...

Jon L.

South San Francisco, California
I am a big guy, trying to lose weight gained by a major knee surgery and many years of bad nutritional choices. I'm starting to make better food choices and I'm exercising daily again. I would love feedback on my program and any tips that any of you would have to improve my program to get me more out of each workout. I work full time at a local health plan and I see the staggering rate of...

KCLAnderson Patient Expert

New London, Connecticut
Woman struggles with weight her whole life. Woman tries to lose weight many times, trying everything from fad diets to dangerous pills. Woman is not successful. If she happens to lose weight, she regains it and more. Woman realizes she must not really want to lose weight or she would ?just do it,? right? Afterall, don?t our mothers tell us that if we really want something we can do it? Woman...

lorilynne Facebook

I'm Lori. I'm 30 and once again I find myself trying to lose weight. I don't think I can do this without support. My goal is to lose 50 pounds in a year. If I reach that goal I'm going for 75. I want to rock my 30s and to do that I have to be healthy. 

Erin B.

Burlingame, California
I am a young working professional who struggles (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail!) to balance working full time with a healthy lifestyle.

stella m.

Communities: Exercise

Chris D. Patient Expert

Parkland, Florida
I turned 39 on April 20, 2008 and gave myself 365 days to lose 50 pounds. Fit Fab and 40 will document my meals, exercise, and progress so my readers can hold me accountable. I live in South Florida with my husband, two children, and two yellow Labradors. For work, I own a PR consulting firm that focuses on health, medicine, technology, science, and environmental businesses.
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im 23 i was diagnosd with epilepsy. and i have a syst in my sinus cavity. so im trying to stay as healthy as possible. I have the most beautful son! who is two, I am not allowed to work due to the fact they are all scared that i'm gonna start bustin moves like micheal jackson randomly, so I bake from home. I was once 290lbs. I lost 100lbs still trying to lose 50lbs. mainly because I want be...