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Project Swole Patient Expert

Hooksett, New Hampshire
Project Swole is a place where beginner, amateur, and experienced athletes can maximize their physical potential through conditioning, weightlifting, nutrition, discipline and willpower. Build muscle and lose fat!


Montreal, Canada
Ray Gill is a muscle & nutrition enthusiast who has spent years in independent research finding the most effective strategies for physical excellence. Ray will help you build muscle & lose fat with an effective workout plan and diet. His technique is a guaranteed system for burning fat & sculpting chiseled abs.
Communities: Marathon, Triathlon, Exercise , ...


with tremendous zeal and confidence, introducing Ripped Muscle X, a powerful dietary supplemnet to make your lose fat and shred muscle giving them a carved and edgy definition. A fabulous muscle mass can be yours with this mucle building body sculpting. product.

Sara T. Facebook

Here is my journey of me running races and trying to gain muscle and lose fat. I have done a half marathon, a 15.5 mile race, and a whole marathon. Up next is a faster marathon with a better time, then a triathlon. It is definitely a roller coaster and I have been up and down with weight, but no more excuses and time to roll! I would rather live a healthy, fit life, than be miserable! Once you...

Iron Man

Anaheim, California
Sorry... I'm drunk in my picture. Not the best example of a healthy life style. However... some of my interests can be touched upon by words like healthy, natural bodybuilding, sports, exercise, fitness, lean, mind, reading, drug free and so forth... I'm obviously currently interested in learning how to 'affordably' lose fat and gain lean muscle thru a healthy diet, particularly thru whole food.
Goals: Eat healthy

Lisa C.

Marietta, Georgia
I'm a stay-at-home mom to 5 wonderful children (well, they're wonderful most of the time). There ages range from 19 month old (twins) to 9 years old. 4 boys and 1 girl keep me on my toes. I blame my flaky and clumsy ways on my kids, but really I was a space cadet long before I had them. On a typical day, you might find me in the kitchen covered in flour, my hair half hanging out of a...
Communities: Healthy Cooking

Swati S.

FALLS CHURCH, California
I am a media professional. After a long, erratic work schedule lasting for almost 5 years, I have decided to take a break from a full time job to raise my two children. I have a son(aged 1 year) and a daughter (3 years). I work as a professional freelance writer from home. 2 pregnancies and a erratic schedule made my body not how I wanted it. I have tried thing, from yoga and aerobics to...

C.L. R.

I live in Los Angeles, the capital of Smog and Trying to be Healthy. 5'9, I ignored my physical health for several years, assuming that since I didn't gain weight, I had nothing to worry about. A yoga class changed everything about my energy levels and suddenly, the world of getting well was a peak interest.

Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

San Mateo, California
I am a fat man. My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape: a gym rat. But over the last few years I have fallen off tremendously. This is my final attempt to get back into shape and get to where I once was. At the time of writing this weight loss blog, I am 348 pounds and 6 foot tall. I will list my weight weekly each Tuesday until I reach my target...