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Allison G.

san francisco, California
i am slightly awesome, slightly drunk, and DEFINILTEY at the wellsphere launch party
Communities: Running, Walking, Healthy Eating , ...
Goals: striving, fish, great

Tamar F.

Baltimore, Maryland
I am a travel writer, restaurant critic, home cook and well-rounded person. I love hikes through historic trails. I am now the walking moderator! So, let me know about cool walking activities, your "issues", thoughts, suggestions.

Balanced Bites Facebook

San Francisco, California
My Philosophy Does an animal in the woods need a specific education to teach him what to eat? At some point in our lives, we are all introduced to real foods. Maybe we learned about them in school, or maybe our parents fed them to us when we were children. Somewhere along the way, Americans have forgotten how to identify foods that are real. Many of us today can no longer...

Dale K.

South, Florida
I have always been an advocate of healthy eating. Five years ago, after having a serious problem with plaque in my bloodstream, I became an EXTREMELY healthy eater. I start each day with fresh cut fruits and a whole grain cereal. I do not eat red meats, bacon, etc. fortunately I love fruits, veggies and fish. These are the mainstay of my diet. I stay emotionaly healthy through my arts and...

Gourmandelle L. Facebook

Bucharest, Romania
Hello dear friends, I started this blog in order to share with you my knowledge about having a healthy lifestyle. I changed my vision of life a year ago, and since then I am in a permanent improvement. I started eating correctly and I became a more athletic person (I still struggle with this because I am an inborn couch potato). I learned how to treat my body right and so my...

Phil B.

Other, California
I'm a personal fitness training living in the Cayman Islands. Indoor or outdoor boot camp types of training are my source of energy. I enjoy most sports and just about anything to do with the outdoors, especially hiking and nature photography. A few additional interests are horseback riding, fish, scuba diving, karaoke, most animals, wellness, actually there is too much to list lol. I am...

Mitchell B.

Concord, California
Stanford employee 29 years

Dean Shrock

Eagle Point, Oregon
I'm a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania and California. I served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of cancer centers. Here I devoloped and researched a program that extended survival with cancer. I wrote a book Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing, that discusses this program. I concluded that it was more than a "will to live" that made the difference in...
Communities: Exercise, Recreation, Hiking , ...