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Severn, Maryland
I'm a Certified Outdoors Fitness Instructor (C.O.F.I.) for The Sergeant's Program: Military Style Fitness Training. I've been a trainer for the program for almost a year and started tracking our routines, recipes, opinions and random information that I saw as relevant and important to individuals who are looking to get into shape. These exercise routines are composed of military drills,...

BJ s.

Communities: Exercise

Meighan M.

Half Moon Bay, California
I've been working here at Stanford for 29 years and have taken advantage of many of the HIP programs in the past. Currently started an exercise routine at Tressider gym. I've been rather lazy for the last two years about getting any regular exercise but I'm back in the swing of things and charged up about getting back in shape.


Adams, Massachusetts
Hi, I am married have 2 children . My son will be graduating in May from college and my daughter is still in high school. I have recently joined Weight Watcher ( New Yrs resolution) So far I have lost 14 lbs . I have had a weight problem most of my life and now I am older I need to take this serious because of health issues and my lovely gene pool :) I have started to use the treadmill and get...


minneapolis, Minnesota
Just want to get into shape and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. I'm really bad at sticking to anything...

April W.

HOMOSASSA, California
I am a marketing executive for a health and wellness company and would like to share my views and encourage others to change their lifestyles and convert to wellness!

Greg P.

Chino Hills, California
I've been into health and fitness for 15 yrs. Ever since I found myself overweight in my 30's. By regular exercise and healthy food choices I lost 35 lbs. and am in better shape than any time in my life. About 6 yrs. ago I noticed I'd sometimes forget a part of my exercise routine. I didn't want to carry around a clip-board, books or magazines because they were clumsy and awkward. I developed...
Communities: Strength Training

Megan M.

MENLO PARK, California
I am an arts enthusiast, Music major from Stanford (Class of '06), now working for the Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts (SICA). I try to stay as healthy as I can - I cook a lot, and most of my groceries are vegetables, I bike to work, do yoga, but I have trouble keeping a steady exercise routine.


I am a soon to be bride on a total body transformation journey. I know this journey will be hard, and temptations and disappointment will arise- but I truly believe that following the 80/20 rule (Eat Healthy 80% of the time and watch your portions 2% of the time) and exercising up to MY BODY's potential will help me reach my goal! 140lbs by July 13thh 2010. I am using all the tools, to keep...
Communities: Healthy Living
Goals: Lose weight

Sarah U.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active, motivated, involved, physically fit, racquetball-obsessed (but needs improvement) clinician, academic, and emergency disaster responder. Clinical psychologist - neuropsychologist specializing in disorders of trauma, addiction, attachment, and NPD, particularly sexual addiction. Visit me and say "hello" on my blog "" or my website...