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Amanda B.

HUMBLE, California
High school English teacher; also getting my MA in English/American Literature part-time. I started running three years ago and love it, although I'm not fast. I also like to bike, and would love to learn how to box, kayak, and ride a motorcycle!

Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven

League City, Texas
I am a 40 years young, full-time working Wife, Mom and sometime student and most recently, a triathlete! After having Gastric Bypass Surgery on November 15, 2006, I'm learning what it's like to actually lead my life, instead of watching it from the sidelines. The journey was not an easy one to start and there have been some ups and downs, but I don't reget my choice as it was best for me.


I started Cycling in October 2008...I love to ride my road bike!  I struggle with keeping off the belly fat.  I am here to learn all I can about low carb lifestyle for endurance athletes.  I know low carb works..I just need to learn to use it in my training.  Current weight is 190...  Racing weight is 155 - 160.

Sarah Trejo Patient Expert

United States
I began blogging when I began my triathlon journey four years ago as a way to record my ups and downs, lessons learned and insights gained. What I didn't realize I would get was a whole community of other triathletes who would also read my blog and whose blogs I could read and learn from as well. Additionally, my blogging has become more than just a collection of training logs and race reports....
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Jason H.

PALO ALTO, California
I've worked as a research analyst at the Law School for a little over a year now. I received a BA in International Business from Bradley Univeristy from my home state, Illinois. On my free time I love to ride bikes, first and foremost my road bike. I've been a roadie since 2002 when I tried my first triathlon. In a good week I'll put 200+ miles on my Orbea and love to climb. This season...
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United States
I am an above knee amputee caused by osteosarcoma 36 years ago in 1973. Three years later the cancer metastasized and 2/5 of my lungs had to be removed. A course of chemotherapy -- only just out in clinical use in 1976 -- is probably why I am still here today. I went on to get a PhD in computer science, to author 2 technical books, to found 6 high tech companies, to ride in the Pan-Masscahusetts...

Nancy B.

Cincinnati, Ohio
I am a retired journalist and news junkie. During my 27-year newspaper career, I researched, wrote and edited many stories fitness, dieting, health and wellness. My personal wellness goals are to be happy and healthy. Like a lot of people, I have a good deal of dieting experience. Wellsphere seems to be the kind of place where a person looking for support could find it.


My hobbies include swimming, dancing, transports and music’s. Now I am a managing director of Transport Company because I am very much interested in riding bikes, cars and so on. Bike riding is one of the simplest ways to have amusing in a variety of settings. It is easily learned and not easily elapsed. If there is one major reason I can base our victory upon, it would have to be our...


Estes Park, Colorado
My name is Mikki and I live in Colorado. I love it here! There is alot to do. You can usually find me hiking, backpacking, swimming, riding my bike, playing music, or something along those lines. This last year I got a job I absolutely loved. I was teaching outdoor education in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was the best. But I recently started school again and have been having a hard time...

Tina M.

san francisco, California
Well, I am happy to have found this site! I am a sports junkie that moved to the US from Greece. I have a basketball background and have picked up the last few years the awesome sport of triathlon. My next big goal in triathlon is to compete and complete a Half-Ironman event. I love pretty much anything sports related: Basketball, triathlons, dancing, yoga, watching rugby (i have been learning...