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Sifu Edward Niam Facebook

Hudson, Ohio
Curriculum Vitae— Sifu Edward Niam   Sifu Edward Niam is the founder of Tai Chi Institute USA and creator of ~The Movement of Life~ which provides training for people of all ages to improve their  mental and physical health through concepts found in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Shaolin Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founder of  Motivational Seminars...
Communities: Exercise, Martial Arts, Football , ...

Jason H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Colombus, Indiana
Welcome to the world of the Autumntiger. I am 35 and have spent 20 years--that's right--20 years training people. I didn't find it; it found me. I have been trained in several martial arts, including my favorite: Wing Chun Kung Fu. My life is for others; I am here to help all beings in whatever way I can. If I can help you, please contact me.

Dale G.

Orange, California
Instructor: Master Dale A. Garrison, with over 20 years in studying Kung Fu San Soo Description: The ancient art of Kung Fu San Soo is a Chinese Style of hand-to-hand combat developed and refined for over two thousand years. San Soo utilizes the hard and soft, linear and circular, internal and external, mental and physical. Come learn how the concepts of San Soo can change the way you think...
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Lucinda S.

San Jose, California
I am a 59-year-old female in good health, although I have a tendency to develop trigger points when exercising. Now that I am older, the little aches and pains of age are creeping up on me. I am not considered overweight but have lost muscle tone over the last several years and am now fatter than I ever was when younger. I would like to exchange that fat for muscle. I need to improve my...


New York, New York
I am a student of life, in search of tranquility, equilibrium and understanding. A "collector" of the words and teachings of my parents, masters, prophets, brothers and sisters. Seeking truth, compassion, love, patience, determination, devotion, equanimity in myself and in others towards the path of enlightenment. I am a slave to the divine cosmos and a friend of humanity. I am a...

Paula B.

Stanford, California
I am a student of Shaolin Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple USA in Fremont (

Tammy S. Facebook

Richmond, Virginia
im a 9year colonrectal survivor of colonrectal cancer staget3c with 2tumors, had 2 different colostomies,5operations,took 25treatments of radiation,9months of fu-5 chemo. i began my cancer at age 30. im now 41 and doing ok but i suffer from bone loss in my spine. im a happy go lucky person wanting to get married one day before its to late and no kids..i have a 23yr.old daughter thats enough. i...
Communities: Colon Cancer

Tommy Kirchhoff

I was a high school and collegiate athlete. I ran long distance, trained triathlons, and was a bodybuilder for ten years. I studied physical education, kinesiology and nutrition at university and became a "fitness trainer" at a Powerhouse Gym in Detroit. I gave up all other forms of exercise when I began studying under Grandmaster Victor ShengLong Fu in October of 2003. I have pursued...
Communities: Tai Chi, Healthy Living

Fu H.

San Francisco, California

Fu-Shoi Y.

Palo Alto, California