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Rob N.

San Francisco, California
I enjoy healthy habits, eating well and getting plenty of excercise outdoors, which includes lots of tennis. I enjoy cooking and eating out to new places here in the city which makes it fun to try new places. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and really love taking care of people in need and its a great thing to hlp the community in this great city of San Francisco. My family is very important...


Woodlyn, Pennsylvania
I want to get motivated to start excercising and losing weight. My goal is to reduce stress and to get back to a comfortable weight that I can maintain by eating healthy and regular excercise.
Communities: Dance, Exercise, Walking , ...

Anna K.

I was overweight most of my childhood. In my late teens my weight escalated to over 170 pounds for my petit 5' 3" frame. I was depressed and had very low self esteem. I finally hit rock bottom and decided to change my life. I started excercising and eating better two years ago and I lost 45 pounds! I've been able to keep the weight off since then and I love the way I feel and the way I look...

Micah J.

New York, New York
I live in Battery Park City. I just moved here from Southern California. Looking for partners, men or women, to play tennis with. I am a semi-skilled player who loves to play and loves the excercise.
Communities: Tennis

Alexandra S.

Berkeley, California
I'm a young, enterprising near-college-grad with a penchant for filling up every waking hour with some kind of activity, class, or project. Fitness is something that interests me now, but it wasn't always that way. Before college, I lived the quintessentially greasy teen life and it took a toll on me (physically and otherwise.) Once I discovered healthy eating and excercise in my Freshman...

Wayne C.

UNION CITY, California
Hi, I'm Wayne. Let's eat a little less and excercise a little more together. :)

Percy K.

LINCOLN, Nebraska
Hi everyone. I am feeling good about this sight and what I can learn and possibly share or relate with others. I live alone now and in a small apt. where it is hard to do what I love like yardwork, gardening,mowing grass, having dogs, doing woodwork and stuff like that. So I do what I can with a few house plants. And then try to cater to the interests I can do indoors like painting and lots...

Beverly C.

San Franciso, California
Trying to reduce stress with excercise and loss a bit of weight at the same time...
Communities: Exercise, Mind-Body
Goals: Run it!, Ploga

Neysa B.

Marietta, Georgia
I am active single mom and caretaker of my dad. I enjoy reading, traveling, and dining out. I own my own health and wellness/personal care products at home business. I need to incorporate a better diet and more excercise into my schedule.