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Julia F.


Julia K.

I enjoy yoga, hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and rock climbing as well as any kind of gym workouts. I am a volunteer interpreter for CA State Parks and a volunteer naturalist for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sancutuary with the kayak outreach program TeamOCEAN.

Julia H.

STANFORD, California

julia d.

greenville, South Carolina

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Brentwood, Tennessee
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Julia F.

NYC, New York
My name is Julia. I'm doing Weight Watchers and changing my way of eating for the better. I avoid cookies, cakes, and candies, etc., but I do allow myself healthy muffins everyday with coffee. I'am a binge eater whose triggered by sweets and white flour carbs. So far I've been binge free for 62 days, as of 5/31, thank God.

Julia F. Patient Expert

Santa Barbara, California
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