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Abidjan, Ivory Coast
I am a warm hearted girl of 19, outgoing and adventurous.My outlook on life is ambitious, practical and optimistic and my goals are family upbringing , knowledge and serenity. I likes to hang out with average people and he enjoys eating health foods, BBQ and italian food. I prefers to listen to rock, classical and country music. mY main hobbies include cooking, outdoors and motorcycles and my...

Salad Pride

I'm Italian and I'm passionate about food.  I love salads and it hurts me when they are treated just like a sad and unsexy side dish. I will give salads the importance they deserve as a complete and yummy course. I will use a variety of healthy and nutritious ingredients which have a high content of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. As I care about the environment and the...

Bill B.

Los Gatos, CA, California
I'm a silicon valley Internet exec who is passionate about the big 3: mind, body & soul. I love all kinds of ethnic foods (grew up Italian), Indian, Japanese, all regions of China, French, southern German, etc.
Communities: Biking, Spinning, Hiking , ...


Maharashtra, India
Nirali Cooking and Baking Classes at Sadar, Nagpur offer diverse cooking classes for an International Culinary experience for over a decade. We believe in being Vegetarian and only offer vegetarian classes which transpires to Egg-less, Gelatin free cooking. Nirali Cooking and Baking classes were first to introduce Chocolate Bouquet classes 3 years ago at Nagpur. We have special classes...

Susan F.

San Diego, California
I grew up in Rhode Island where I met my husband Jeff, who played Hamlet to my Ophelia -- seriously. He and I have lived in seven cities in the past twelve years (thanks to my graduate school, his medical school, and residency). Through it all, it has been our families who supported us; and it has been cooking that, no matter how far away we were, always made us feel like we were home. When I'm...


DTLA, California
Carmen Garcia is an internationally recognized fitness celebrity, proficient in all levels of nutrition, health, wellness, and yoga principles. An all around athlete with a competitive nature and a zest for healthy living and cooking, Carmen's philosophy: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well being are the inseparable ingredients to a healthy life. Carmen has worked hard to become...

Hook Up With Health .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Wayne, New Jersey
Over the past century we've seen enormous advances in medical technology and we also have the SICKLIEST GENERATION OF AMERICANS IN HISTORY. The number one culprit: THE AMERICAN DIET. The processed food and fast food industries are serving it up, Americans are gulping it down, and wide spread obesity and chronic disease is the result. Our MISSION is to create HEALTH AND WELLNESS through FOOD....

TheMuscleKitchen .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

Los Angeles, California
in 1999, I realized I was eating smarter than most bipeds who begged for my 'secrets'. That began a huge, wonderful journey and third career, nutrition. It's not about popping more pills, rather it's eating real pure foods to avoid as many pills as possible. Doing so helped me recover from an often untreatable dementia. The lightbulb in my head was dimmed for months (semi-comatose), but the...

Vanessa M. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Silver Spring, Maryland
Vanessa Maltin received a bachelor's degree in journalism from the George Washington University and holds a certificate in the Practical Applications of Food Allergy Guidelines. Currently, she is the Food & Lifestyle Editor of Delight Magazine and also serves as the Deputy Communications Director of Health Care for America Now, the organization working to provide all Americans with...

Cathi S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Vibrant Living Coach I love awakening people to the vast benefits of raw / living foods and healthier environmentally conscious homes. I also hold a vision for Peace ~ Love ~ Unity to spread throughout the entire planet. Cathi Shroettner Raw food Community