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Wes C.

Stanford, California
Communities: Exercise, Recreation, Sports

May C.

Communities: Exercise, Swimming, Walking , ...


Graham, Washington
I am Chelsey Lindahl. Iâ??m a wife, a foodie, a dog-lover, a figure skating coach and a nutritionist/soon to be registered dietitian (RD) writing an honest, no-nonsense blog about two of my favorite things, food and nutrition. In a crazy, media obsessed world I wanted an outlet to provide accurate, precise, and usable nutrition information. With all the mumble-jumble going around about...
Communities: Healthy Living

S J.

San Mateo, California
I am from India. I had been a part of the Advertising industry but having gotten tired of meeting deadlines am currently a homemaker (now there seems to be more on my plate to chew :)- anyway that's life and its great when its rocking n rolling. Yoga just happened to me and have been into it since many years, vegetarianism is what I have been following and advocating for the past few years. I...

Bernie C.

Mountain View, California
Communities: Biking

Alvin C.

Newark, California
My exercise regime consists of practicing a little martial arts (mostly Taijiquan and Xingyiquan) and chasing my 3 year old daughter around.


East Brunswick, New Jersey
Hello!  I am 22 years old and currently have a bad bulimia problem =(  I am trying hard as hell to control it.  I've struggled with my weight my whole life and now that I've lost all the weight I feel like I will NEVER be skinny enough!  Not only do I purge, but i exercise purge, abuse laxatives, and have adopted the chew and spit method of "eating" so that I get...


Daly City, California


mandalay, Myanmar
Communities: Sports, Basketball

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Houston, Texas
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