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i am 62and have been a diabetic for 30 years insulin dependant for about 15years i have been in fair health for a while i have been told that in insulin intolernt i have to take a lot of insulin to have any kind of control i am currently on an isulin pump and have been for about 10 years my a1cs have been running around 9 other than  being diabetic i am in good health


  Well, here's the nature of my old body... I’m a 56 year old diabetic man who has been on insulin for over 40 years and the last 10 on an insulin pump. I didn't start having serious problems until I was about 40; and that’s when things began a downhill slide to my present condition. I have lost the ability to feel the low insulin reactions; I have had levels as low as...


United States


United States
I have been struggling with my weight for the longest time. Because I know that losing weight isnâ??t just about dieting and dropping the extra pounds, I consider this blog not just a weight loss blog, but a healthy living blog, focusing on all things related to living a healthy and active life. I was also recently diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. Losing weight and working out...
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I am all about changing your lifestyle habits! I am a Registered and Research Dietitian! 7 years working in the health industry in Ontario, Canada. Obtained my MSc in Human Nutrition from McGill University with the thesis: "Fetal exposure to altered amniotic fluid glucose, insulin, and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 occurs before screening for gestational diabetes...

The Body Chronic .. Patient Expert

Detroit, Michigan
The Body Chronic is a blog for anyone that lives with chronic illness or chronic pain and those who support us. It's a blog for anyone who wants a starting place for answers or even to ask the right questions. You can e-mail me at: Solitude, laughter, sanity and support amongst the pain and frustration of chronic illness and chronic pain. |PCOS|Insulin...

Tiffany Patient Expert

Alberta, Canada
The author, most often known as Tiffany, is a chronic shoe-aholic who talks too much, a certified germ freak, and has a rapid sense of humour (yes, that's rapid, not rabid). She is a veteran Type 1 Diabetic who uses a Paradigm 522 Real Time Insulin Pump. Though she is a former tomboy and a real live country girl (yes, she has indeed ridden cows, plucked eggs from under chickens, and lives...

Sharadha Sankar Patient Expert

United States
Are you trying to shed your extra pounds of weight? Are you a diabetic, taking insulin shots and living on medication? You have no time for Fitness Centres and Weight Reduction Programs? If yes, the blog: is exactly for people like you. This blog presents you with the choicest and tastiest recipes for diabetes and obesity. All the recipes in this...
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I'm a Georgia native, mother of four grown children (last one in college) and three small grandchildren. I'm also a realtor in my spare time. I've been on a health journey most my life. I have battled with chemical imbalances, estrogen dominance, hypoglycemia and who knows what all as a young mother. Now in post menopause, I've learned I have Hashimotos (hypothyroidism) and am insulin...


san jose, California
Hi everyone, I am a type 1 diabetic, on an insulin pump for 8 years now. Diabetic for 11 years. I run, do yoga and am obsessed with nutrition, cooking, and health. I am a mom of a great little girl, and I am also an artist. I have eaten raw both lowfat and regular. My diabetes improved significantly with a raw diet. I love to hear about others who eat a raw diet and how their health either...
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