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Annie Mueller

Pacific, Missouri
I'm a mom of two little ones with number three due in April of '09. I love keeping active with my babies. We go for lots of long walks in the nice weather; in winter we settle for dancing around the living room.  I'm interested in a healthy lifestyle, not fads and extremes. I like making fitness part of normal life, not an extra, and keeping my family healthy and energetic naturally. I...


Athens, Ohio
What if...... You could choose how and where your baby is born... What if...... You were asked about your views, listened to, supported and treated with respect..... What if..... You were surrounded by people who truly cared about you, nurtured you and encouraged you..... What if...... Your baby never left your sight... What if..... You never had to leave home for...

Sherry J.

Marietta, Georgia
I guess I uploaded a picture too small for the size that is allowed. Sorry for the blur, it's not your vision, you don't need glasses or a stronger pair of glasses! Ok, I am not use to writing about myself but it asks and I will comply. I am a 55 yr old RN. I early retired at age 50 thinking that me and hubby really didn't need my income and that was fine until he was laid off last year. It...


I'm looking for a job or disability-whichever I qualify for the most. Whenever I'm able to work, I want to get certified for tattooing and piercing. I'm a long-time Bulimic, but physically, I'm reasonably healthy. My biggest problems are prediabetes and a recent lung cancer scare that was just my COPD (both forms of it) getting worse, lung damage from too much smoking and bronchitis that won't...

HUG Your Baby Patient Expert

Durham, North Carolina
Jan Tedder is a nurse practitioner and has worked with young families for thiry years. A graduate of UNCC and UNC-CH, she was chosen as the North Carolina Maternal Health Nurse of the Year, inducted into Sigma Theta Tau (the national nursing honor society), and named an honorary member of Duke University’s Child Development Center. Her DVD for new parents and her HUG...
Communities: Parenting

Becka S Healthy Living Professional

Easton, Pennsylvania
My name is Becka and I am the mommy of a 6 and 4 year old little girl. I am expecting number three in December and I have a 9 year old step daughter. I'm also a Girl Scout leader and a Nurses assistant. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up - I'd love to get into education. I love four year olds and I love the birthing process so my current dream is to be a preschool teacher or...


Going to list some basic things that I think might let you know who I am and how I act. My name is Justine. I just gained a certificate in college and became a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I wanted to move on and get a job and start feeling like I was doing something with my life. In September, I moved to the city from a small country town in KS. I was starting to feel depressed,...

Silver Planet

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Silver Planet provides Trusted Senior Resources on Aging, Health, Finance, Living and Scam Prevention designed for Baby Boomers and 55+ Seniors.


New York, New York