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Nate C.

SAN JOSE, California
I play Squash, Soccer, and Tennis, and I'd be interested to find people to play. Let me know if you are anywhere near San Jose, CA!

BEn K.

Oakland, California
Rockclimbing (mostly indoors and mostly bouldering) 2 - 3 times a week. Highest difficulty level I've completed is V7. I do own a harness and lead card, and have been known to do routes as well. I also play squash (the game, not the vegetable) once a week and am looking to play more often. I usually lift weights twice a week. Overall, pretty active so that I can eat what I want. Yes, I love good...

Shirley Davalos & Kevin McCormack Patient Expert

Kevin has been a Medical Producer for a television station in San Francisco. Journalism is in his blood and now he has passed it on to the internet.  Finally, he gets to cover the stories that are useful and sometimes ridiculous, and it's so much cheaper than therapy. He has been a footballer (we call it soccer) and an athlete of boxing, squash, and when he has to, running.  Shirley...

Davalos & McCormack. Healthy Living Professional

San Francisco, California
Shirley has been a media professional for longer than she cares to remember. A former TV producer she is now free of the day-to-day tyranny of TV news (ok, she got fired) and is now a media consultant, certified hypnotherapist and all-round jockette. She plays squash, runs, and generally likes any form of exercise that doesn't involve getting mud on her. She, and the man she adores, Kevin...

Jeremy S.

San Francisco, California
I'm a squash enthusiast! I also love long-distance bicycling (the further the better!), hiking, kayaking, and outdoor street fairs!

gary p.

New York City, New York
I love to play tennis and raquetball and squash. I am a total and complete Racket Man! Plus, I love to meditate on sundays, just to keep in touch with myself and stay chill...

Gabi B.

Los Altos, California
I am a lacrosse and soccer playing horseback rider who has recently taken up squash. I am not flexible or into running, but I do like to play games and just have fun! I go to the gym and eat healthy, but do believe in rewarding myself with frozen yogurt or a long nap!

Kenna M.

SACRAMENTO, California
Racquetball woman!!! I work out everyday -- 4 times a week I play racquetball, 3 times a week. I kick box, turbo box and take a strong class. I eat healthy and learn everything I can about staying fit and young. I study everything that deals with helping my friends, family and me. If I can help others, all the better. I am in the spirit of play -- let's create and have a blast...

Dr. Edward Leyton Medical DoctorHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine

Specialty: Family Medicine
Kingston, Canada
Dr. Leyton is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine - medicine that brings together the physical, social, emotional and spiritual potential of humans in their environment for the purpose of healing. He is a Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians and a Certificant of the GP Psychotherapy Association. He is trained in Neurolinguistic Psychology & Eriksonian Hypnosis as well as...

Megan T.

Hillsborough, California
I really like to play team sports and just run around and have a good time. I really want to get involved into some more extreme sports and activities--but have not had the chance. I love lacrosse, soccer, and swimming...