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Nurse Lochia .. Patient Expert

Middle of a Cornfield, Illinois
I am a wife, mother and labor & delivery nurse.  Life is pretty busy and trying to find a balance between all of these is the joy of my life.  This past summer, I reached a goal of mine by running 5K races.  I found myself unexpectedly pregnant this summer. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in my first miscarriage at 11 weeks. I had a D&C August 27, 2009. My blog...
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 I'm a wife, an insurance agent and a mom to 3 year old twin boys. I am Bipolar II. The meds I am on are Abilify (which I just got on), Zoloft, Klonopin and Trazadone. When I was pregnant and 2 years after, I did great with no meds but I started having problems again. My doctor said pregnancy does something that make everything better. uhhhhh why can't they take those...

Amy M. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

San Francisco, California
I'm a wife and WAHM of 3 young 'uns. I've realized through the years that I am my best self, best wife, and best mommy when I'm living a healthy lifestyle. When I do so, I've got the energy and strength I need to play with my three kiddos, as well as a boost of self-confidence.

Dayzofrain Patient ExpertHealth Maven

Gonna do the uber quick intro: Wife of a soldier medic, eccentric in style and varied in interests. In 06 I was diagnosed with Fibro/CFS. Currently undergoing Cardio related testing as well as fertility testing.  I hope you will enjoy my little corner of the internet and you drop me a comment or two :)


Calgary, Canada
I am me. A woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister,and friend living in the here and now, attempting to raise two little boys with as much patience, compassion and humor as possible. This takes a lot of energy, research and self teaching about a child's needs, a husband's needs and a mother's needs. It's a work in progress...always! In my spare time, you can find me here...blogging, cooking...

Christine P.

Riley, Michigan
Hi, I am Christine, a mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a godmother, and a friend.  I have three wonderful boys. Andrew (14), Kenny (12) and Jonathon (2).  Jonathon was our big surprise;after trying for 9 long years to have one more child, we just gave up in August 06 and Oct 06 I was extremely ill.  To find out "SURPRISE" your pregnant.  This is my story of...
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United States
I am a mother of two kids and a wife to one! I want my kids to have everything I can possibly give. I want to give them the best care and protection for my children, from the top of my child's head to the soles of my child's feet. I am also an engineer by profession. I took up Bachelor of Science in Engineering major in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Itâ??s now 8 years that...
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Nathan L. Patient Expert

Nags Head, North Carolina
My name is Nathan. My wife, Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and had been preparing for a double lung transplant until we discovered we were pregnant. Tricia is the most incredible person I've ever met. She keeps me humble and in love. Gwyneth is our beautiful, new, baby girl, born 15+ weeks early. Tricia is now breathing with the help of donated lungs, and Gwyneth is on her way out of the NICU...


I am a mother of a beautiful 1 year old little girl! I am a soldier's wife waiting for him to come home and in the process trying to shed a ton of weight I gained while on bedrest pregnant and also stagnant after she was born while my husband was away. He will be home This spring for a couple weeks and I would love to have lost some weight by then but be at my ultimate goal for his return late...


22 year old mom and wife live in Hawaii currently but will be moving to Cali soon pregnant and expecting November 19th :-)
Goals: Gain weight