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Kristy O'Kane

United States
Hi! I'm Kristy. I'm 32, a Human Nutrition student and writer on all things to do with nutrition and wellness over at What I found through my studies (both formal and informal) and my experiences is that what works is not a fad diet but a holistic eating and lifestyle philosophy. Itâ??s about eating natural, whole foods and steering clear of processed crap but...
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clara c.

Before creating ChanChi~ art of Zen living, I spent 15 years as an executive recruiter and strategic management consultant in the Silicon Valley, working 15+ hours/day. ?Something had to change in my life. Although I found success in my career, I felt little satisfaction because I had no balance in my personal life.? I decided to retire from corporate life to follow my passion and dreams of...


Toronto, Canada
In August 2007, I made the decision to lose weight. I joined Weight Watchers and ended up losing 33 lbs on the program and have been keeping it off since then. I learned a lot about healthy living, cooking and getting active and feel so much better than I did back then. A few months after I got to my goal weight, I got really sick. My doctor couldn't tell me what was wrong and the clinic...
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San Jose, California
I am a 39 years old Advanced Ovarian cancer survivor who is very happily married to my very best friend and soul mate where we live in San Jose, CA with our Blue Merle Sheltie "Blue Belle" and our Manx cat "Tonto".We have a pretty happy life together most of the time when I'm not fighting this cancer. Most people would consider me to be a hard headed modern hippie; a...


Stockton, California
I live in Stockton, California.  My husband died in 03 while I was still going through chemotherapy for advanced stage colon cancer.  He was my best of best friends and I still feel very much married to him even to this day.  I have been completely disabled with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - CFIDS for the past thirteen years.  This illness has been far more...

Stephanie Patient Expert

United States
Greetings! Stephanie here, a Chicago resident and I am proud to say...a patient with a HISTORY of Ulcerative Colitis. After being diagnosed on my 18th birthday with UC, I endured a four year long struggle with an unfamiliar enemy. I didn't realize how much this disease would dictate the course of my life, not only socially, but academically and economically. It affected not only me, but my...

Patty B.

Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to listen and realized I was not a hypochondriac or a big overly sensitive, stressed, depressed woman. (yes, lots of justified sarcasm). I was athletic, very lean and continued to stay fit by enjoying bike rides and playing recreational co-ed softball. However, when I started a family at 25, I had...
Goals: Lose weight


I'm just your average girl from the suburbs with a desire to live and love life to its fullest. In my mind, that implies nourishing, fueling, and moving my body on a regular basis. I have learned that when I eat whole and nutritious foods, I just plain feel better. I'm that girl who's obsessed with her yogurt bowls, oatmeal concoctions, fruit, fresh fish, and avocado sandwiches - but also is OK...


Tacoma, Washington
Hello, my name is Kristina and I currently live in Tacoma, WA. I became vegetarian back in March '10 and currently trying out being a vegan. I've been feeling better and better since I cut meat/eggs out of my meals. I'm working on cutting out milk products and sugar.  I recently just got out of the USAF after serving 4 years. I'm married to my best friend, Nick, who's in the USAF...

Sherry J.

Marietta, Georgia
I guess I uploaded a picture too small for the size that is allowed. Sorry for the blur, it's not your vision, you don't need glasses or a stronger pair of glasses! Ok, I am not use to writing about myself but it asks and I will comply. I am a 55 yr old RN. I early retired at age 50 thinking that me and hubby really didn't need my income and that was fine until he was laid off last year. It...