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Steve B.

Atlanta, Georgia
40 year old man trying to get into shape...i want to lose weight and get fit for my family because i'd like to be around for a long long time.


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Nina G.

Berlin, New Jersey
Hi, my friends call me Bambi (old high school knickname). I live in New Jersey. I'm 28 year old, married to a man I have lived with for 10 years now. We have one son together on his way to turning 2 years old at the end of August. I love animals, so we always have dogs & many other small ones running the house, no matter what. I'm big on all crafts, sewing, cooking, woodwork, needlepoint,...

Eric H.

San Francisco, California
I am a teacher, but I have a knack for health. I stay pretty healthy but want to do more activities to stay in shape!


Cranston, Rhode Island
I'm a 28 year old stay at home mom on a mission to get my family healthy. Let me take you back to December 22, 2008, that's where MY mission began. My then 9 month old son was up all night long with a tummy ache, and as I heard him cry "mama" through the monitor I knew he needed me. As I went to get out of bed I felt like a metric ton weight was pushing me back and when my feet hit the...

Jif Facebook

My name is Jeffrey Holliday and I am a Marine Gunnery Sergeant. I have a confession to make concerning my running. About two months back I stopped running and have only run about six times since. I ran a half marathon and experienced a complete water washout with in the first three miles of the 13.1 mile run. It was extrememly hot that morning and I lost a lot of sweat. The run did not go very...

Heather J.

Aside from a journalist, I'm a competitive long-distance runner and bonafide "health nut." I enjoy sharing what I know about how to live a healthfully in body, mind, and spirit. Since running is one of my biggest passions, I'll be sure to pass along various tips and tricks that have helped me become a better runner, whether that pertains to training regimes, diet, rest and recovery, or...


Stories of running for the rest of us Hi, I am Elizabeth. This blog is about running from the perspective of a woman with a full-time job as an editor, 1 kick-ass husband, 3 insanely awesome children, and 2 wonder dogs. I am no elite athlete. In fact, I am an average runner in every sense of the word. I am not all that fast, nor particularly slow. I don't log a crazy number of...
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Hi, ever since I was little I had weight problems, tried everything but nothing worked. At an older age I was considering liposuction. But my family and friends were not so happy with the idea, my aunt kept on trying to get me to try this new procedure seemed good, given that she had used it and lost a serious amount of weight. No surgery and no down...

Jeff W.

OAKLYN, California
I've been involved in the world of sports for as long as I can remember. My desire to compete effectively led me to train harder and in that I found that sometimes the journey is better than the goal. I've taken the knowledge I've picked up from study and my fair share of trial and error and have been using it to help others attain their fitness and diet goals for the last decade.