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Cryssy P.

Vancouver, British Columbia
5'7" blonde, I love taking care of myself & i am addicted to the gym.


Spunky individual with a penchant for culinary delights. Lover of all things Blackberry-related and photographing what goes in my tummy (but not what comes out). Likes? Chickfila, Greek yogurt, bananas, fiber, baking, and men who are attractive. Dislikes? Waiting for things to finish baking, slow talkers/walkers, looking like a hot mess when I run into people I know (or would like to know) at...
Communities: Healthy Cooking

Dating Goddess Patient Expert

unknown, California
Who is the Dating Goddess? I am a 53-year-old white, professional woman. My husband of nearly 20 years left me in April '03 and I started dating 18 months later. Generally, I have had a great time meeting interesting men, some of whom became romantic beaus, some became treasured friends, and some I never heard from again. In the beginning, I had dates with single male colleagues, but I quickly...
Communities: General Medicine

Allison B.

MIAMI, Florida
I love spending time outdoors whether its at the beach or out in the boat, or cycling which I find to be very enjoyable (when its not too hot out), kayaking is also a lot of fun. I like to play to golf occasionally. I would like to play more tennis and maybe take some lessons. I try to stay in shape and workout at the gym, but also try to eat healthy foods.

Richard C.

Scottsdale, Arizona
The man, the myth, the legend... well, not really. I live in sunny (and hot!) Scottsdale, AZ and work for an online retailer of home fitness equipment, physical therapy products, and medical equipment. My job is to research new products, test them out, and write about them for our site... it's a lot more interesting than it sounds, trust me. In my free time I enjoy going to my gym and swimming,...

Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven

San Mateo, California
I am a fat man. My name is Israel Lagares. I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape: a gym rat. But over the last few years I have fallen off tremendously. This is my final attempt to get back into shape and get to where I once was. At the time of writing this weight loss blog, I am 348 pounds and 6 foot tall. I will list my weight weekly each Tuesday until I reach my target...

Angie Schumacher Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven

Longmont, Colorado
I am a Certified Personal Trainer who trains in my home and at a gym. I am also a boot camp instructor. I am the author of Fat Blasting Boot Camp and you can find out more about it by visiting my Blog-link.

machelle l.

santa cruz, California
Hi, my name is Machelle Lee, I am a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and the co owner of The Invisible Gym. I?m proud to say that we are the number one mobile personal training company in the Santa Cruz County area. I?m even more proud to say that over the last seven years we have helped many people achieve some amazing results. I know that there are still hundreds of frustrated people...

Gold's Gym Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Welcome to “The Mecca” – we are the original, the place where it all began. More than 40 years ago, Joe Gold opened a modest fitness center in Venice Beach, California and began a tradition of commitment, passion and dedication that is now practiced at more than 600 locations across the globe. Our gyms are built to help people realize their goals and find their inner...

An L.

Antwerp, Belgium
hi, my name is An. I live in Belgium (Antwerp) with my mam and brother but realy I'm Never home :) I work part-time in a gym and  before or afther my shift I workout. you'll say ; jee, that's handy, iff I workt at a gym..." yea well forget about it. from the ppl that work here I am the only one taking sport as serious as I do so... besides training and working in the gym I attend...